Black screen crash

Since installation i have encountered numerous black screen crashes mid game. Only a few times have i actually been able to complete a mission. I have a PC with decent specs, and i’m not running the game on highest graphics (I can run any other game on max with no issues). My drivers are up to date, I have tried a fresh installation and also verified the game files through steam to no result. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fix this issue myself, and due to time played i’m no longer available for a refund. Is there a simple solution as i’m no tech wiz?
Thanks, Nathan.

Hi Nathan! When you crash, an error report should be produced which you can copy. Could you please paste the error report in here the next time this occurs? We can then look in to your crashes.

I am also getting a black screen crash. Has happened 3 times so far. First time, during the end mission stat screen. Second, at the keep before playing any map. Third, at keep after failing a map. Screen stays black, no sound, computer unresponsive (cannot tab out or ctrl+alt+del). This means that a hard computer reset is necessary and also no crash/error report. I played a good amount of hours yesterday and today without a problem until the first crash ~30min ago. Also, I verified game cache between second and third crash.

exactly same issue.
I bought the game yesterday,and played 3 or 4 hours without issues.Today (weather hot in summer), and today , every time I tried to play, my pc was crashing randomly with black screen and a total freeze , so impossible to have the crash report.Sadly , i’m going to ask for a refund if i can’t fix it.

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