Big delta between 1% Lows and AVG FPS. Low CPU usage

Issue Description:
Very big delta between 1% lows and avg fps in the game. Low CPU usage → GPU not fully utilized when most needed. Sitting at 130-140fps avg in city hub and in corridors in missions and going down to 65-70fps during hordes of enemies (with FSR 2 at Quality) on 1440p. All while CPU usage remains the same (max usage I have seen the game using is 38%, avg 30-35%). Nothing I have done has made a difference to CPU usage. Changing the amount of worker threads futile. Sitting at 20 threads for now.

Edit: To add, frequent mini stutters, which tanks fps (-20 to -30 from avg fps). Game is not smooth, not even in the hub.

Attempted Solutions:
Done the proper way of using DDU and clean installs of drivers. Verified the game files multiple times throughout the week. Latest version of Windows 10 Pro, latest BIOS, latest AMD chipset. CPU overclocked, GPU overclocked, DOCP (XMP) enabled.


PC Specifications:
5900x, 32GB 3600MHz-CL16 RAM, 7900 XTX. Game is installed on Samsung 980 Pro. Running at 2560x1440p.

console-2022-12-22-18.48.01-ddf7fe6f-a695-4fe5-9d13-ef922c63901d.log (256.9 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (625.1 KB)