Best Level in Warhammer Vermintide 2

What do you think?
Which is the best level in terms of atmosphere, story and gameplay. You can vote two level.

About the categories:
-atmosphere: For example Fort Brachenbrucke has a really good atmosphere in my opinion. Hearing and seeing the fighting in the distance together with a really nice looking landscape.
-story: Is the reason why the four heroes go on this mission enough to danger their lives? Is it believable that they can win this mission? Plot holes like in Against the Grain are bad of course (You go there to save the prisoners. But you just open their cages. If they wouldn’t teleport away they would just get caught again.)
-gameplay: 1. Is the level fun to play? For me Convocation of Decay is quite boring (Lots of very tight corridors). But i really like Athel Yenlui (Open places where good positioning is much more important. Dont stay to long in open spaces.). 2. Is there a high replayabillity because of random paths? 3. Are there certain features you like (Dark part in Hunger in the Dark. Only rats in Into the Nest. etc)?

Let me hear youre opinion on this.

I have choosen Fort Brachenbrucke and Hunger in the Dark. Why?
Fort Brachebrucke:
Awesome atmosphere and nice story.

Hunger in the Dark:
I love the dark section and also the generall atmosphere.


Nice that we got already so many votes.

Honestly, Halescourge was my favorite mission mainly because of of the appearance and atmosphere of the town and the building collapsing all around us.

Also, I love the intro to screaming bell - “You win a pumpkin, you lucky bleeder…”

I like the fort but I was soooo disappointed…there wasn’t any actual fighting going on just some flashing shots that come out of knowehere being shot at no one…no soldiers fighting and no enemies manning the plague claw catapaults and warp lighting cannons …nothing… as much action that seemed to go on there is nothing there…there is no real sense of conflict , the Heroes are the only ones that exist in Warhammer that actually do ANYTHING meaningful…lol

Empire in flames - the only map that promotes communication between the players and forces them to play as a team, else they lose.

This is the only map with VT1-styled mission ending, where you can actually lose the game. Boss missions used to be kinda the same, but now bosses are just not a threat.

And this is the only mission, where even after dealing with the event, you still have to stay focused, since there is still a lot of dangerous enemies left and even a boss can appear.

I wish the majority of maps were designed kinda like this.

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To be honest, i don’t really like any of the missions in Helmgart. I guess im pretty much alone with this opinion but for me the town looks very boring and to grey^^. When i walk throug real medieval citys, they look extremly beautiful. Old paintings on the walls, red roofs, old parks. Helmgart on the other hand is just a big grey mess. I know it is a destroyed town, but most of the buildings seem to be untuched, and still you don’t get anywhere the feeling, this might once have been a nice place to life.
But i agree, the drifting buildings are a nice little feature.

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Yeah thats true. I was really disappointed too. I don’t know why there are no missions where you actually defend something together with a few soldiers. I guess they don’t trust their own ai^^ I still like the mission.

i like hunger in the dark’s atmosphere the best, fighting in the deep dark is an awesome experience and tests your skills to the max.

otherwise… i really love all maps. just give me any excuse to slaughter ratties and stupid chaos warriors please!

Its funny. If you have a look on the comments in steam or this forum, it looks like hunger in the dark is quite popular, especially because of the very dark part.
However in game i often read in team chat how much people hate the dark part :smiley:


it’s the love hate relationship which makes this game awesome. lol

people hate it because it’s hard, but being hard because of good design is welcome =D

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