Berserkes kill durin revving animation

3 berserkers aggroed on me during revving an ally, killing me, then instantly began to hit the ally within his “wake-up” animation making the ally dead again before being able to interact a thing (he died during the animation when you cannot use block, or attack). I heard on the headset my friend was clicking the mouse, he said that he just couldnt do a single block, not because they broke the stamina, instead of there was no block to use.

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This is a known game mechanic. While you are being rezzed you are vulnerable, and I believe that is intentional. That’s one of the reasons staging a rescue is sometimes a bad call to make, and sometimes killing / distracting / staggering enemies before you revive your teammate is the right call.

Also, if the berserkers killed you during your reviving attempt, your teammate was probably not properly revived yet and thus unable to do anything.


I’ve never seen this like enemies kill someone during standing up from the ground in 2200 hours. they focused the revived ally after it stood up, not while standing up.

How can you “not properly” revive? if you are downed during rev, the ally is not revived at all. i was killed immediately after the reviving bar was filled (the animation still in play).

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