Been trying Disrupt Destiney recently

It used to be GIGA garbage but since the stack rework it’s OK. The damage is good once you’ve got the stacks but getting the stacks can be super annoying besides the buff icon being bugged half the time.
When it chooses a damned enemy behind 3 walls and keeps it on it for a long time only to then pass it to another dude in the same position I get pissed. Sometimes it gives to a dude in front of you then bounces to another dude close to you and you feast. So yeah as many have pointed out it’s very inconsistent. LeftSide4Life.

What if it did/could (via skill point) tag multiple enemies?

That said I’d trade it all for ally kills giving you stacks. Anything that resembles the dreaded launch brain burst kill steal annoys me greatly, and seems super contrived to me. Like just make it fun :smiley:

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Honestly? I would love this for the 25 stack node. You have lingering influence for the single target, long cool down consistency, but for the 25 stacks it encourages going balls to the wall speed and damage to get and keep those 25 stacks.

I wouldn’t want that to be an option for the 10 second cooldown. It already has really easy uptime imo.

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As others have said, it goes well with assail.

I’ve been running Assail + Scrier’s Gaze + Disrupt Destiny and absolutely cleaning house.

Just chiming in here! @dragomusic already covered the mods but I thought I’d add some examples and notes on how to use them. I consider Custom Hud and Buff HUD Improvements one and the same, since you need both & use them together:

F3 (Custom HUD) brings out the layout where you can just drag the UI elements around. F2 (Buff HUD Improvements) brings up the UI for searching & adding the buffs you want on that priority bar. I have it on the right side of my crosshair, here’s what it looks like for me with the red cross representing my crosshair location:

  • HudElementOvercharge… = Peril gauge
  • HudElementDodge… = dodge counts (I don’t remember which mod added that, I think it’s Custom HUD?)
  • HudElementPriority… = The new priority buff bar that comes with Buff HUD Improvements (F2)

Anyway, this is what it looks like in practice with Peril & priority buffs both where I can always see them (the buff in the pic is True Aim, something everyone should set up asap, believe me knowing exactly when that autocrit will proc is a gamechanger):

Finally, here are my sheets notes for quick instructions and some buff names you can use to search for them with F2 (DD = psyker_marked_enemies_passive_bonus_stacking, True Aim = psyker_guaranteed_ranged_shot_on_stacked, etc.). Apologies for the mess, I don’t use all of those and I do use stuff that’s not even listed there, I need to sync my notes at some point (sorry :cry:). But since that F2 frequently bugs out and doesn’t show the icons, and the buff names aren’t anything like one would expect, even looking for them is often a process of trial & error while testing at the psykhanium. These should at least help you get started :smile::

Edit: As a final piece of advice, I recommend you keep that priority bar as clean as you can. This may be obvious but the more clutter there is the more it loses its meaning. As I said, my notes above are messier than they should be but in reality I’ve set it up in a way where no matter what class or build I’m using it only ever has max 2 buffs, almost always just 1 at a time. It makes a huge difference to not have to spend effort on determining which buff is which, but rather just knowing by glance exactly what’s going on. For example that True Aim icon changes from a transparent into a solid when it’s stacked, so I can sense it without even looking directly at it when my next attack is about to crit.


I tell you what. Scrier’s Gaze and a Purg staff is a really good combo.

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All I want is the stacks from Disrupt Destiney, they just keep bugging out on me and somehow I managed to get 1300 secs at 15+ with the dam things.

Thanks for the mods peeps, finally got what I wanted…

And by pure luck, I had the box ticked for Disrupt Destiny and kinda works fine now.

Also figured out a way to get working nice with Purgatus Staff… Basically ran a whole damnation with 10+

Was very nice indeed.

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Try a voistrike staff or a revolver imo. Voidstrike regardless of build works great because youll get augmented from headshot clear. Coupled with the talent that makes consecutive weakspot kills count to a crit, you can scale up pretty quick.

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