BEASTMEN confirmed!

Who else is as happy about this as I am?

Ever since I first played River Reik back in v1 I knew in my bones we would see beastmen at some point, I’m very excited about this games future.

Who else had a feeling we would see them and what do you people think about this new move the game is taking?


By the way, here are some lore videos I liked about them


Indeed! I am just as excited! Though they are not my favorite faction overall, I am absolutely enthralled that we get to brawl with them in the End-Times.

I think there was a small crowd who made predictions about it and guessed that Beastmen were en-route due to a couple dialogue options, a few mentions of Herdstones, and also from the giant empty slot on the official “Pactsworn” picture. Admittedly, these were all predictions we only made since Vermintide 2.

I knew we would get new foes… just not so soon! If this is dropping only a year after release, just imagine what else is coming down the pipe!


chaos daemons are next is my bet.
orcs are a maaaaaaybe

A daemon boss or 2 would be great, I thought we might get one at the end of Blightreaper before it dropped but I can always hold hope for the future.

I have a feeling we are not completely done with Bögenhafen and the Blightreaper just yet.

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One can hope :smiley: Daemons are creepy… not as awesome as the Chosen, but still cool.

I’d love to see what we end up doing with the Blightreaper.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about Beastmen since I started playing VT1 - there’s a visible herdstone on Engines of War (which is also in the re-release, and Oleysa comments that you “never know who might be watching”), and in both games they make note of it.

I love to hate the Beastmen, personally, I’ve really wanted to punch them in the faces for a long time!

I hope everyone realizes that this might very well make Kerillian even crankier. Beastmen and Asrai have a lot of beef (lol).


Weren’t the stones mentioned in the first game Waystones? Or were those only in the final mission releases before Vermintide 2… I can never recall.

I remember hearing about the Herdstones (through friends and stories) in Vermintide 1, but it was the Waystones that stuck out to me more because We were pushing southwest towards the border of the Bretonians and ever closer to the lands of the mighty Durthu.

There were some stones you had to break in the River Reik map to get to the second grim, maybe that’s it? And in Reikwald Forest (in the same DLC, the last DLC for VT1, though there was one FLC after that, Waylaid) you can also see a Herdstone across a river, and the characters will comment on it.

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I would love me some Choppa

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