Bardin's throwing axes turn into exploding barrels

Happens in the Dark Omens map. As a host (haven’t tried as a client), I can aim at the spot where the barrel has to be placed and throw my axe instead, which will result in a lit barrel magically appearing, blowing up the passage. I suspect it might work in other maps but I haven’t had the occasion to try yet.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play as Bardin with throwing axes equipped (career probably doesn’t matter, but in my case it was with RV)
  2. Host a game (private or not) on the Dark Omen level, regardless of difficulty.
  3. Instead of jumping down to the rat ogre and face the beastman ambush, go towards the alternate route through the mines on the right side which requires an exploding barrel thrown at the door
  4. Aim at the spot where the barrel needs to be placed
  5. Throw an axe
  6. A lit barrel appears, opening up the passage as if I threw a barrel there

Reproduction rate:

Video evidence:


That’s a nice and unexpected feature.


Yeah i was going to report this same isue but glad you made a thread already.
Saw some guy using it to place barrel based objectives, hes just filling them with axes that turn into barrels.

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