Bardin Xbow Animation

As you can see in the 1st and 2nd pics, there’s a “barrel” (?) coming up and bothering the aim.
In the 3rd pic as it should be (?)
Don’t know if it’s a feature (and in case, what am i missing?) or not.
I don’t know the reason it appears, just that sometimes happens. But maybe I never noticed(?)


It looks like the sparker used to ignite bombs?


it looks like that, ne? but I wonder why a piece of another animation would appear on this one, kind of strange (animation controller wise).
What is even more strange, why no one else had the problem? :expressionless:

Is it a mod you are using? I don’t see this when I aim down crossbow on Bardin.

I wonder, i’ve been using the same mods since they got green light. Recently I disabled the 3rd person one, it was messing up the animations (like sienna weapons)

is it an intended feature?

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