Bardin Visual bug with 1h axe / 1h hammer after using a heavy


Could use some more info on this one bud :slight_smile:

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If you use an a heavy attack with one of both weapons, bardin will stuck in this position, as long as you don´t attack again.

I see nothing wrong with bardin’s ‘struttin’ his stuff’ pose! (passed on, thanks!)


Off topic… have you read my feedback or can i go on with “seems to be pointless to take the time to write one”. Don´t get me wrong… you don´t have to confirm, what i wrote there etc. But it would be cool, if the ppl just get feedback for their feedback.

We really do read it all - I parse it against all the feedback we receive and write regular reports. The team also looks through feedback when they have time as well.

The risk of feedback on feedback is that it’s often seen that action will be taken on said feedback which isn’t always the case - so experience tells me that it’s best to let feedback go through player dissection and let us silently absorb it and look at it from an eagles perch and take the action we deem fit.


Well thats ok… i guess… noone wants to write feedback, if they don´t know, if someone would already read it. Like i mentioned, you don´t have to confirm or jump and patch all i told there… i just wanted to be sure, it´s not wasted. Thx

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