Bardin/Ranger Veteran level 10 talent "Last Resort" lasts forever WITH AMMO on Grudgeraker with Scrounger trait

Issue Summary:
You can trigger the talent by shooting your Grudgeraker empty and then hitting enemies with the right click shove until you recovered 2 ammo with a crit. After that the source of ammunition doesn’t matter anymore and you can play the whole run with “Last Resort” active.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get Grudgeraker with Scrounger trait
  2. Shoot it empty
  3. Hit enemies with right click shove
  4. Recover one time ammo with it
  5. Now you can pick-up ammo from crates/pouches
  6. Enjoy 25% increased hero power

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
It doesn’t feel overpowered at all, at least not on Legend. But that’s your choice to make.
I’d suggest you look into the other talents in level 10 of Ranger Veteran, as they’re completely useless. Please consider changing them, as 5% movement speed as a best in slot talent is way too bad compared to every other class/hero.

AND most importantly

Offer me a job in your QA team.

This has been going on for awhile. Thought it was suppose to have been fixed…

the last time i tried this with the new patch, it WAS fixed, i’m on pc. unless something changed again

i’m sad tho, that was kinda a nice thing to have with bardin

Are you only in this forum to make useless comments?

When you would look at the time I posted this you’d realize I tested this with the NEW patch. Stop commenting nonsense. It can’t be fixed, because no one in the whole forum reported this.

Excuse me?
Why the attitude?
You’ve observed my post history and determined all my posts are useless?

All I said was that this issue has been going on for awhile, has been reported on this forum for past versions of the game, and was supposedly fixed in a patch awhile back.
Seems relevant to your post.

I guess we can’t all be as awesome and informative as @DrClassy though.

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Of course not. That would be ridiculous. I extrapolated from your comment here.

Because I filed a bug here and you’re not contributing anything, just making redundant statements. No offense, though. Just wanted to state the obvious.

Would like you to show me where this was already reported.

I just tested this in the keep, it doesn’t work? As soon as you recover ammo with scrounger, it stops the buff. Does it only work in game?

So from ONE post you determined all of my posts are useless. Makes sense.

Redundant? Its redundant that I posted this has been an on going bug and was supposedly fixed? How so?

Unfortunately it seems those past posts about the bug have been removed from the site or something.
However in this post(link below) you can see a link to a bug report for this issue.
When you try and access the post it says something about not having permission to view it.

Just tested it in game. It does not work. This was fixed @Fatshark_Hedge

Just tried it again on two different maps. It was indeed patched and fixed as I thought. Also, Dr Classy, calm down mate. This has been reported multiple times. The admins archived all the bug reports pre-DLC patch to clean up the forums. So you wouldn’t see the threads anymore.

Anyway, you’re claiming this is working with the current patch? Can you give a better description of how to trigger the bug? I knew how to trigger it before it was patched, but it’s not working for me now.

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reading your replies in this forum and reading the following reports by other players and then reading this again.

my morning entertainment


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