Bad ping when playing with neighbor/certain people, but not with people (even from another state)

Hi there guys.

My problem is very complex, very weird and I can’t fathom what is causing it. First, I live in Brazil, own a desktop computer I have built myself - already old but for the GPU, a GTX 960 - and have an 120 Mbit wired connection.

Recently I have changed my ISP. Ever since then I have experienced very bad ping (250 to 360) when playing with certain people. If these specific people are hosting, I get bad ping. If I’m the one hosting, they get bad ping. One of those people lives very close to me (about 1 Km) and has the same ISP. Firs I was sure the problem was on his end, and even tried to fix it, but to no avail. Just recently I discovered that the problem was on my end when I switched my router to bridged mode and got an instant perfect latency (17 ish).

Of course that was a drastic measure and can’t be sustained. I have thus tried everything I could think of, but nothing solves the issue. Here’s the list of what I’ve tried so far, one at a time of course:

Por1. t forwarding
2. Changed router
3. Changed steam download location (many times)
4. Disabled wireless on the routers
5. Disabled firewall
6. Enabled DMZ
7. Disabled UPnP
8. Disabled every single other software in my OS
9. Used another Ethernet cable
10. Unplugged all other Ethernet cables
11. Reset all game settings to default
12. Changed every single game setting I could find
13. Updated all each one of the router’s firmware (retested them all)
14. Run diagnosis of all sorts, including the game’s
15. Connected to other players and got near perfect connection with people 500 km away (20 to 25 ping)
16. Tested connecting both me and my friend that lives close by to the same host (that lives far away) and got good ping
17. Tried to disable all windows features that came to mind
18. Tried disabling all firewalls
19. Windows defender is off, has always been

These are the ones I can remember, but I’m pretty sure they’re not all that I have tried.

Could anyone help me? Disabling the router function of my cable modem is the only thing that worked so far and the only thing I can’t really do on a regular basis. I’m tired and just about to give up! The major problem is that I really want to play with my closest friend!

Thanks for reading my plead/rant/craziness so far.


Apologies for the delayed response, I’ve queried this with one of our Network Engineers who suspects this is a router issue since you’ve been able to play when it’s been switched to bridged mode. We can only recommend perhaps trying another router and buying one of them providing it solves the issue.

I tried another routers. Even updated the firmware. No success whatsoever…

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