Bad language in the game

Hi Guys.
I just got some bad language written in the game (Vermintide 2) directly to me by another player and I’ve a screenshot of this.
Where should I send it (so creating a ticket) and let the Fatshark knows about this?
Thanks in advance

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Well then you should help them learn to use better grammar next time

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Why is it Fatshark business? Do you notify Google inc. every time you receive a SPAM email too?

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Gmail literally has a button for you to notify them when you get a spam email…

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I believe you’re missing the point - that button does not notify anyone - it is there to teach the AI to better identify spam emails for you.

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That feels like an insignificant distinction to me. You’re still notifying google (and I expect they use that notification to refine their spam detection rules across their entire mail server, not just for your mailbox); google just figured out how to automate the handling of your notification instead of having a person do it manually. Fatshark could easily have an automated queue for reporting of users.

I agree with the sentiment of your earlier comment, though, which is why I liked it. I just thought the example you selected to make your point was pretty funny. :slight_smile:

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it’s different than Email …there should be report system without screen shots so fatshark gets chat logs to check them out and make decision what to do about it. like in blizz games when players goes way overbounded in chat they get banned fast.

Getting called racial slurs in video games is part of the experience. Nothing else like it.

Like what for example?

The difference is blizzard has a support team of thousands of folks who speak all the languages. (I know as I was one of them for a time!). We don’t have those resources sadly but will accept reports of players to

You should also steam block those players to reduce the chance of encountering them again


If I would pay for google; yes

Why not join the Fatshark Discord