Auric Rewards

A bunch of the penances are gated behind difficulty requirements


Yes, exactly. The penances are just achievements for cosmetic rewards.

I mean it’s just logical that increased risk = increased reward. it’s not a ‘age’ thing at all “back in your day” it was the same thing. Pacman had different levels the more levels you progress the harder it got. It’s almost like a unspoken rule. Also why is your presumption no fun is being had?

It already is the case.
There is no difficulty related gear, though.


Absolutely no. Auric is for difficulty, VT2 had the right idea by making Cata have the same rewards as Legend, and Cata QP was a much better experience for it. If anything I’d like to see Heresy rewards raised to match Damnation so less people feel funneled into Damnation for rewards.

Can’t put into words how much I detest the idea of upping rewards for Auric.

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So you’re completely against auric only unlockables cosmetics? Do you think auric should have any rewards at all? Even if it’s through penance instead of loot?

I think that anything at all that funnels people into Auric for any reason other than “normal Damnation feels too easy for me now, I want something more challenging” is an awful idea that will degrade the quality of PUGs even further.


Exactly: they don’t understand or know the reason for the existence of Auric and why anything in this direction would invalidate it.

I would recommend keeping auric as the cataclysm equivalent from Vermintide 2 to prevent people joining looking to grind or get penances.

I think there should just be more deterministic means of getting reds. Maybe penances related to each individual item (weapons and curios). Maybe getting all blessings unlocked for a weapon (and higher tiers unlock all lower tiers).


Because you literally said that

For me the point in higher difficulties is not in getting more shiny virtual toys, it’s to improve as a player and draw satisfaction from beating harder challenges. The better equipment is means to an end, not an end in itself.

I like the idea in general and ive read trough a lot of the criticism here, so my suggestions are:

  1. Do not do anything related to game balancing, like changing stats or new gear etc… thats just gonna add more factors to break the game that Fatshark will have to look out for and fix.

  2. Exclusive Auric rewards sound nice and the tokens sound good too altough it is another currency :dizzy_face:
    and one way is too address some of the criticism is that the rewards are the same for Auric Heresy and Damnation, so you can still get them at an easier difficult not affecting Auric Damnation pugs, plus they could gate Auric harder like complete 10 missions on Damnation.

  3. Another thing that could be done is to just have Auric penances. But still i do agree that the bigger problem here is pushing not so skilled players into to trying to brute force their way on these mission and getting carried because they want the cosmetics :confused:
    A possible fix is that the game needs to be private, so you can play with people in pugs, and if you like that team, you team up and try to get the rewards in private, this way they wont ruin pugs to get stuff :smiley:

  4. just wanted to Emphasize that Auric weapons sound amazing would really love to see a red tier in this game even if it just means it has a good looking skin

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Still suffered plenty with people trying to get portraits :rofl:

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Quote me if I did but I’m pretty sure I never said that, and that’s your opinion on higher difficulties which, that can remain true whilst also having ‘shiny virtual toys’ The entire thing is a
“shiny virtual toy” so that’s redundant and what the OP is trying to say is endgame is redundant and theres stuff in VT2 that should already be implemented if not in slightly different format since I’m sure FS doesn’t wanna copy paste stuff between games. You’re opinion on endgame rank stuff is, correct me if I’m wrong here, that you want people who don’t play the hardest difficulty to have them. So basically people who play auric and kick ass get nothing for beating the hardest difficulty. Yeah it’s harder difficulty that’s obvious but why should we be gated off from rewards vice versa? You don’t want anything for anybody if it’s not for casuals who never play auric? Seems selfish. Why shouldn’t auric people get exclusive stuff for difficulty? You talked about bragging right yet deny them to people? I say to you, why SHOULDN’T we get something for beating the game on crazy ass difficulties? Really there’s no reason. I agree with post above maybe like Auric Penances would make perfect sense IMO I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Sounds good to me

How about just a baseball cap that says “auric” on it in comic sans


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