Auric Level Operations Screen Does Not Meet The Design Intent

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The Auric Level operation screen was added to meet the demand from the part of the playerbase for the highest difficulty / intensity missions. Fairly often it does not offer those missions. Hunting Grounds, Ventilation purge are disliked by players who enjoy the hi-intensity missions. No high intensity missions are offered. Similarly the main maelstrom modifier which is liked the most by players is the Monstrous Specialists, others not so much.

Please fix and in the long run work on a solution which allows players to customise mission parameters.

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Not a bug, but I agree with the sentiment. It also irks me a little bit that I can play an auric Carnival 1 and Melk will still scoff and say his “auric-level operatives would have handled this better” - boy, I *AM* your auric operative!

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Great conversation but not-a-bug , unless you mean it bugs you. Then yes.

agree with rather “intended” by design for the time be, as well as the sentiment that by now i highly prefer I II V E G and C IV I (C I VI?, damn lack of sleep) over basically anything else.

throw in a bunch of mutants or dogs is okay-ish in some situations, most of the time its either ass to the wall or doorway though, flailing like mad until the wave subsides.

snipers are meh and the odd lights out does make for a nice change of vista, but since i know the maps blind after countless runs anyways, nothing to get my pulse up.

so far those i’ve communicated with prefer I II V E G if its on the table, so getting full groups should be possible.

should add that the rest might not even have a problem filling their queue since most join at random anyways not even bothering whats offered, judging from the ill-preparedness ive witnessed :laughing:

I felt the same way, however from other dialogue and from the other Traitor Curse content it appears that Melk’s teams are different from ours. Maybe they’re from the loyalist regiment deployed on Tertium (I forget their name) or were simply strike teams hand chosen by him we don’t know. But unfortunately we aren’t “auric level operatives” we are just sometimes subbed in to do auric level missions when the elite guys unceremoniously die off screen.

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