Audio issues since patch

Issue Summary:

Simply, I get intermittent audio throughout the game. Works just fine, cuts out briefly, comes back and continues to do this throughout play. The more action going on the more it cuts out. I have seen some suggestion elsewhere to change my windows audio bitrate but I don’t have the option to change it to what is suggested. Already uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

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Could you upload a DxDiag please? :slight_smile:

Absolutely, thanks.

DxDiag.txt (87 KB)

I do not know how it is for you but i have that issue for over a half year. It turns out that i can’t hear bells, music dissappears but i can always hear incoming hits or bodies that gets massacred. What helped me was that the games was either on 15% volume or under when i play due to have a normal conversation on Discord without yell to each other. So now the game is on 50%, then i minimize the game and go to “volume mix” on the speaker icon left corner and regulate it there for my needs. Since then i have never had the issue again.

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