Assassination missions anticlimactic

Loving the game so far! great work! just thought I’d throw some constructive feedback out there!

Personally I find the end of the assassination missions to be a little anticlimactic the way we just sort of wait around for a little bit after the boss is killed and then it fades to a cutscene.

It would be nice if there was still a “hurry get to the extraction point!” segment to end it with a sense of urgency. Or maybe have the boss die in some spectacular set piece fashion. Watching him just flop over on the final hit and then just kind of waiting around for 30 seconds is a little unsatisfying. Thanks!

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It’s also worth mentioning that the boss needs SERIOUS buffs or weapons serious rebalancing. Once you have a team with some chainswords or power hammers, people can just ignore everything and melt the boss in 10 seconds, it’s really not fun at all.

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Yeah I agree. To be honest I think the boss fights in general could be much more interestingly designed and more of a grand set piece rather than the “surround him and wack him!” event it is now.

But I figured I’d start with feedback that could be more reasonably implemented rather than ask for a complete rework lol

You guys obviously aren’t playing on diff 4/5.

The spawns are mad, especially when endless shooters, specialists and snipers stream in.
If you don’t take care of them your entire team is stunlocked / trapped in seconds.

By far the hardest missions now.

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True true I am not. However regardless of difficulty I still think the end of the mission is a little anticlimactic due to the reasons in my initial post. Especially when I start playing on those harder difficulties it would be nice for the victory to feel appropriately spectacular.

How cool would it be if the boss had a small chance (10-20%) to respawn as a Chaosspawn upon defeat.

Yea as Psyker the boss arena on Heresy+ is pure torture, your best bet is to bumrush and pull as many Force Sword blasts as you can before you almost inevitably go down due to the constant surrounding spawns and the boss focusing you

It works on 4/5 too, you can absolutely mob the boss with chain weapons. It’s obviously a lot harder with the spawns, but by staggering zealot grenades you can largely mitigate them, unless there’s a nasty special spawn. But chain melee weapons seem to just hard-counter these bosses, they’re way more effective than anything else I’ve used. Seems out of proportion.