Mission Suggestions

Hey Fatshark,

Here’s some things I’d love to see implemented sooner or later:

  1. Add the picture associated with the mission in the screen where you wait for your team mates. The mission names are hard to memorize, and I sometimes don’t want to play the same mission twice during the evening.

  2. I hope you’ll add more assassination missions, but with different bosses. You can have a Dark Commune boss, some kind of Nurgle Sorceror, a Death Guard Tallyman (or some other DG elite), etc. And please re-work one of the current captains so that he’s not an exact copy of the other one.

  3. Add a Rasknitt-like “big bad” and a center a quasi story-mode around him. The assassination missions for example could unlock progressively until your final showdown, and then start appearing in the regular loop.

  4. (about the announced patch) I hope you’ll add an easy way of switching profiles within the same character (saving the selected weapons, armor, cosmetics and talents), so that we will not have to re-do everything every time we want to play another build.

No SM, but lord wise to get 2 for each current factions:

  • Sorcerer
  • Herald of Nurgle
  • Traitor Commissar and Ogryn Bodyguard

A big bad should appear on the radio only, as unlike VT it’s not a story but multiple missions each times.

I think it would be cool to add a mission where you have to clear a train of heretics before it reaches its destination (Like a time trial), or an assassination mission where you have to fight through the train to get to the arch heretic.

I also think it would be cool to have a “rescue” mission where the plague is spreading into a new hab-block, and you have to rescue either an informant or steal a relic.

Maybe Hadron needs us to defend a team of tech priests while they perform repairs on the Servitor Colony, or Morrow has finally convinced Rannick that Masozi has a point about recovering some of those aerocraft that are collecting dust on the outer edges of the hive.

I would also like a mission into the ship that crashed into enclavum baross

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