Assassin Curving Through The Air After Pouncing

Multiple times I have seen an assassin looking at my teammate and readying to pounce, only to do a complete 180 AFTER pouncing, curving through the air to land on me. This has happened multiple times before, and is very frustrating considering there is literally no visual indication that the assassin is targeting me, so I don’t take countermeasures such as pushing or dodging.

It seems random as well, it doesn’t happen every time. I would guess that it happens when the assassin changes targets as it’s pouncing, and the animations don’t line up.

This also happens in a lesser extent when the assassin targets me but I change position without dodging (like dropping off a ledge), the assassin will curve in the air to hit me. Again, seems random, as sometimes the assassin will miss me and hit a wall, instead of curving after me.


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