Armoury system needs to be changed

This armoury system is dreadful. Not only do I have to get lucky that the weapons that spawn in it are good, I also have to hope they are the weapons I actually want. I’m lvl 17 and still haven’t got a class specific weapon yet for example. This is ridiculous. Not to mention I have to wait an hour each time to see if I’ve gotten lucky. I have heard things about a crafting system when the game releases. I hope I can craft specific weapons if it does happen. If not then change this awful system. Have it be that at least one or two weapons of each type always spawn in the armoury. So you only have to get lucky on how good they are.


Perhaps the weapon you are looking for is unavailable due to your level.
Check out Steam Community :: Guide :: Class Feature and Weapon Unlock Guide (WIP) to see if that’s the case. Credits to @Mr.SnuggleMuffins for making the guide.

In regards to crafting, it won’t be like Vermintide. Crafting will instead enhance the items you obtain from the shop and reroll traits etc from what I can tell. The crafting system is covered in the latest trailer Fatshark uploaded.

Thanks for the link that is very useful. I am playing zealot and want either flamethrower or chainsword, and I am the correct level for both. That’s a shame it wont be like vermintide. I hope the crafting system they have planned is enough, otherwise I hope they update the armoury.

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I second this:
Playing Zealot in parallel with a veteran, Zealot ends up with the same few weapons for hours at a time while Vet got new weapons what felt at every level…