Are Skaven Hordes and spawns too easy? [Poll]

I pretty much like the Skaven as they are now, it’s true that their “hordes” are kinda easy to deal with, but when their elites show up in numbers things can get by far more tricky than Chaos hordes… overall I think both factions are in a pretty good spot balance-wise. In terms of that 3rd “faction” of goatboys… well things got discussed enough elsewhere. And honestly… the last thing I wish to see right now are balance changes (again) until the sheer amounts of bugs and pathfinding issues are not solved.

Zing I think this entire comment is spot on.

Skaven is about overwhelming you with numbers. They’re plenty, but they’re weak. With how Skaven society works, there are innumerable trash-tier Skaven and a portion that get very powerful with real middle ground. About the shield thing I don’t really have an opinion because it never mattered much to me.

The beastmemes are in a torturous middle where they don’t really seem to have any focus whatsoever. Is their kicker that bannermen are supposed make them hard to deal with? Bannermen just make a bad situation worse, in situations where they aren’t completely trivial. I don’t get what FS was going for with beastmemes in their meta design and I guess we’ll never find out.

Tougher Hordes with less focus on Elites/Specials/Bosses, I would imagine. That’s why they’ve received so many nerfs. The bannermen are supposed to amplify their strength. I think it works quite well.

Skavens are fine for me .

There are actually too many of them. I was an advocate of more hordes, but that was with the fond memory of unlimited potion spam of beta

Maybe ad skaven slingers.
A high volume low HP unit, its some times to easy to snipe out a warpfire, globadier and/or rattling from a swarm.
A cluster of low damage and high volume will make it more difficult to stand your ground.

Spot on although I always considered Wheat and Chaff being the more difficult level of those 2.
Since you have less verticality to kite and create distance for yourself there is also the mid-section with the water that slows you down alot - but that’s beside the point.

I don’t know if this question can be answered by countering X with Z and et voila you have a solution.

Are we talking specifically Cata here? Because I remember pre-WoM Beta was a blast to play, although considered overcrowded by some.

To get back to the point - modded realm has Blobb Vector spawns in their spawn tweak mod and also a hordes coming from both directions, which they kind of do now but they come in waves rather than splitting the first wave into different directions.
I feel like as it is right now you know they will be coming from direction say Front, you kill them, turn around kill the next wave aso - there is no real surprise there, you know exactly were and what will be coming to you. So I think splitting each wave into 2 directional hordes could somewhat be a solution.

Other than that I was always an advocate for more ambient enemies across the board.

Even elites are only a threat to certain team compositions. If you have 2 stagger ult with (f.e.: WHC and Merc) even mass hordes of elites arent fearsome - so you see team compositions play a major role in the perception ‘‘difficulty’’ of enemies and your ability to deal with them.

Consider also that people have been complaining before about the difficulty of some events and what not - the result was nerfed final events.
I fear this happening again if Fatshark really considers any of the suggestions here.

This honestly could all be fixed if we finally got the deed rework we all wanted with more options to chose from.

Heck put a boss deed in with (inspired by modded realm spawn tweaks) a % - chance of spawning bosses out of the amount of specials.
Stagger resistance increase deed (its basically Back 2 basics but in reverse)
HP Increase deed, Twin Mutator deed …
I am aware that increasing HP and Stagger isnt the solution but I am just listing ideas from the top of my head here

The list of deed options goes on and on

There are so many options that deeds could offer us I am baffled by the fact that nothing has been done here.

This way the crowd who wants to play plain Cata for achievements and what not are pleased and the hardcore crowd who are seeking for a difficulty challenge at the same time.

I mean come on guys we have been asking for this since what now? Over 2 years?


I would refrain by adding more “things” to kill as it slows the game a lot (cf. infinite horde deeds when it worked). I’m okay to add some elites to hordes (as it happens in Cataclysm) but the frequency will have to be reduced at the same time.
I would also look at balancing the end games finales (especially in legend) before anything else that can touch core experience.

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