Are shillings(and therefore Dailies and Weeklies) a complete waste of time?

I refuse to believe Fat Shark has abandoned the dev diaries already, they had them going for a little over two months I think. That would just be too ridiculous, right? I choose to believe that the development has sort of stagnated as a result of the virus.

Anyway I’m glad to see a thread about this topic because I was hyped for the Emporium. I keep talking about it, but cosmetics is one thing I wanted more options for but there’s just frustration and hinderance with every turn. It’s really bizarre.


Remember when they updated LE with a handful of hats all priced at 2.5k+ shillings and the only one of those people would have even considered grinding that much for was that godlike pyro hat?

And then they all got removed instead of just having their price fairly adjusted.

I remember :sob:


Lol exactly, i don’t understand why they would have to remove them and think about a new price for a couple months, they could of just keep them in, adjust prices, and refund shillings to players that already bought them.

I am not a dev so i don’t know how hard certain things are, but surely adding a cosmetic or thinking about a cosmetic’s price doesn’t take THIS long. I know with lockdown going on around the world it takes longer to release things, and everyone has to adjust, but this was going on well before covid so i don’t see this as an excuse tbh.

I do understand alot of little things do take quite alot of time, but i’d rather they shift from their update idea, which they said they wanted to focus on more ‘game health and bigger but lesser updates’ and i just don’t agree with that (this doesn’t mean they should rush content or reworks). I think Qol and bug fixes should be prioritized and worked on and released when ready, while having a group of people work on content updates, balance comes third unless something is really broken.

And adding cosmetics, which already exists + making a couple new ones, adding red illusions etc. is literally the easiest content you could add. Because now everyone is bored and is focussing on how long a new season takes or how long a new map takes to make.

Edit: not all in a response to your comment @dannylew8299. Mostly generally, i ranted

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The season things still irks me. I get the feeling WoM/Weaves is still the priority and everything is revolving around keeping those going which is causing the adventure maps and LE to grind to a halt.

Console release of Drakenfels has been priority and has been launched during the COVID, so it is possible to do extensive and large updates in the current working environment. Including a big hotfix patch to fix crashes. No content/patches/frames due to “pandemic” has been proven a lie by the console launch. Can we have the Shallya Frame from the community event?

I remember a statement back when Versus was a thing (remember that? Teaser trailer and everything) that there were seperate teams working on Consoles and PC so one wouldn’t hinder the other. Laugh? So funny I almost brought a round.

All evidence suggests the exact opposite. PC get a launch of something and console get nothing, then console get a launch and PC get nothing. It feels like then entire team work on one or the other and having parity across platforms is battering the Dev process and release speed of anything for everyone, as either Console or PC players are entirely neglected while development is directed to one or the other platform.

Additionally delaying releases of stuff to align with the seasons is hurting the game now I think.

There is absolutely no excuse for the failed DevLog post, even if it’s to say “We’re wading through honey trying to get things done but it’s a lot of effort for not much to show.” (which is tripe because of the console launch of Drakenfels proves huge changes can be done) but anything to say… something would be nice, and it is the work of a single person for half an hour to put out a little post.

I have a very horrid feeling that, as usual, some new thing* will come over the horizon, and will hamstring any further work on LE, or Deeds, or crafting, or everything.

I suppose I should be happy that it’s the PC players turn to get some love now, and it’ll be the Console people out in the cold.


Putting drink in the shop would be something, at least the Character and the Player might drown their sorrows together.

*Versus I’m looking at you. A 3rd quarter launch of VS with no improvements to LE, or Deeds would spectacularly pi$$ me off


The idea was that Versus wouldn’t slow down development of the main mode but I’m honestly wondering if we’d even notice that in the first place, considering it’s too slow as is. I wish Fat Shark would realize I want to throw my money at cool new things, but Winds of Magic doesn’t apply lol :^)

Now, I don’t want to be too rude: I’m sure Fatshark is pretty busy and this period hasn’t helped… but simply I can’t understand.

They released some hats that were very cool and unique. They did a mistake about the price… they could just remove them, fix the price and release them once again. But NOPE… those hats have just disappeared. Hedge said they will be avaible in season3… ok, but why? We are talking about months.

Paid cosmetics can GREATLY help your game. See these free battle royale games how many money earn thanks these things. But, once again, NOPE. The emporium seems just abandoned.

Oh! That’s pretty cool!

I would like fix/repair the Keep too.

Wait, we’re not going to see hats rotate on a season-by-season basis, are we? Because one season is like six months.

Shoutout to those five or six people who care about seasons at all.

Plenty care about seasons. Seasons aren’t a bad thing anyway, it’s just the fact that fatshark doesn’t use them properly that is annoying and makes players hate it.

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Big console update was released, which, especially with the logistical difficulties caused by the pandemic, took a lot of effort, so it would be more difficult to do other stuff as well. So no PC updates and such. Those things happening are actually not as mutually exclusive as you make them out to be. It’s quite logical, though. But the absense of community updates sgouldn’t be justified for that, really. Maybe @Fatshark_Hedge just has some time off, or something?

This is sort of my fear as well. I don’t think a big new thing is what this game needs, but rather optimisation of all the cool stuff that’s already there but just not quite where it should be. From FS perspective, however, I understand a big new thing like Versus mode would cause more sales, however, and I can’t blame them for that, really.


The last couple of weeks have been shorter due to public holidays. Sometimes I can’t just write updates alone and need some input from others so I’d rather not put an update out than put out a nothingburger update.


Ah, I see. Understandable. But I guess you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a nothingburger update either. Right now you already have people speculating about FS ditching the updates altogether and whatnot. Even a short bit of umgak would have probably prevented such things easily.


So everyone’s phone broke?

I’d appreciate any kind of post saying exactly like the kind of thing you wrote here Hedge.

“We’re all scattered, we’re working like maniacs trying to get the console releases as good as we can, we haven’t forgot about the Frame or the event. Hang in there! Nothing else to report really.”

That’d be enough, and would stop the wild speculation.


I feel you man. I wrote the same thing on reddit the other day when the Drachenfels maps were finally released to consoles and was downvoted into oblivion, lol. It has to be a managment issue within Fatshark, they’re not capable of handling two (or more) projects at once. Everyone who has been around Vermintide long enough should be well aware of those repeating patterns of alternating patch droughts between platforms.

Thankfully, we have a strict 4 months a season schedule… oh wait.

Man, sometimes I just want to scream at all this clumsiness. It’s actually really hard to love this game (which I do nonetheless).

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No worries. Next update should probably tackle future plans though :smiley:

I would say that for ONCE they have a pretty good excuse for being late =p

Even with the dev blogs I think there is still a massive issue with transparency on future or current plans.


Please do make nothingburger updates. I’d rather have someone telling me there is no burger instead of having a glimmer of hope for one that will not arrive.


Just don’t post it on Reddit. You might as well insert your love-spuds in a hornets nest.[and here lies the rub]


Fully agree with most of the points being made. I’m all for a nothing burger over just nothing. I remember the first monthly update was just a mention that someone was working on sienna and the community was asked about their opinion. It was a great example of a tiny bit of information that led to a constructive discussion prior to the implementation of what could end up being a big change. We very much appreciate the regular updates, even if they are sometimes lacking in definitive information.

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Fatshark might release some new hats in 3 years, but the price will be to high, and then they will re-add em ~8 years later :slight_smile:

The hats are already in game, seems they are trollz :smiley: