Shillings and loot boxes - Suggestion

This might be an suggestion that have been here before, but…

Let us sell our loot boxes to Lohner for some shillings, before we open them (ofc…).

In this way we are getting shillings from playing, but for a “price”.

Dont know what the sell prices would be or what would be the best solution, but was thinking that they can be sold maybe from Generals Coffer (Veteran), Lohner might not want to buy “crap”.


I just threw down some numbers, dont know what is “fair”.

But this solution people could get rid of their chests for some shillings and dont have to sit and scrap everything, people are getting shillings from playing (if they want to, they might want the loot in the chests).
And also, this might get people to try out higher difficulties and go for “full book runs” for better loot for more shillings.

The reason why I started on Veteran (Coffer) is because a lot of people play on that.

And I forgot about the Commendation Chest, but they contain cosmetics so they might be priced as some Vault box, maybe?

I might have forgotten something, this is just a concept and need a lot of discussion, so please poke some holes in it :slight_smile:


Assumption for FS’s position: As we had intensive discussions about this during the Beta for Lohner’s Emporium and most of suggestions for a more dynamic or progressive system has been ignored, I am pretty sure that FS has very low to zero interest to move away from a hard cap for the shillings (speaking xxx Shillings and nothing more). There is a simple reason for this. It is easier to control the economy behind it. A reoccuring complain from some people was that there are not enough cosmetics to buy for their Shillings so they had nothing to spend on (we ignore for discussion arguments about “not worth buying”).
The goal here is that at every time of the game’s lifetime Veterans still have something they could theoretically spend their Shillings on. If we increase the output of Shillings it would mean that either FS needs to make more cosmetics or we would see an increase in prices for Lohner’s Emporium. In both cases you would leave behind the casual players which make up the majority of the playership. So FS would have to alienate a large part of the playership which would feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of cosmetics or be p-ssed off about the prices, just so that a few Veterans could farm Shillings like idiots, best by using exploits and glitches. Worse is that several Veterans literally have hundreds if not even thousands of unopened chests which would lead to buy out of LE and more complains. Or it would only be new chests for sale which would again p-ss off the hoarders. Either way I don’t see much benefit from FS’s perspective.

Personal note: I think we would all live better if less rewards are tied to gameplay. I can do without people getting angry over not picked up or lost books because of the Shilling reward (we have at least reached a point where people in QP don’t care to much if it happens at the moment).

Special sidenote: If you really want to have a system where the “prices” for chests is “fair” you would have to do it like the market. The solution is something which I would neither recommand nor advise: a community market. This means players offer their chests up for sale while other players buy them. This would keep the total amount of Shillings in the market as a constant while the Vault prices would be not to high since people would have to compete against the hundreds of chests from other people. While there is some charm to the idea (additional Shilling income, better chance for new players to gear up and get reds), I fear the complains would be more numerous (spending of Shillings versus actual reds someone get, gambling/addiction/p2w remarks etc…).

TLDR: Don’t think that will fly.


Dont know where to start man, so I start here :slight_smile:
For some people there will alwasys be a cap on where stuff finally ends, where there is no more progression, no more items to get or buy.
But I get what you are saying, but you are talking about VT veterans, and they should be aware that if they grind and buy everything, it will take a while until they can get something new.
It would however be nice for new players that might want to get some extra shillings to buy something.

They dont have to, people will just have to except that if they spend all their time grinding chests and getting shillings and buying everything, stuff will eventually come to an end at some time.

There will be people farming shillings like idiots, but every system can be broken if you take a out a few and base it on what they are doing.

And people using exploits and glitches or cheats, there will always be people like that in every game (unfortunately) and I dont think things should be done with them in mind. (more than trying to fix the game so people cant use glitches, exploits etc)

But again, I get what you are saying :slight_smile:

My personal view is that gameplay should reward, the better you do, the better the reward, else we can give out the same chests for legend and recruit.
But 99% of my playtime is with friends, my brother, bots, nearly never do QP with randoms so I never really see angry rants or do them myself. (Would never do an angry rant in an game anyways)

Agreed! No market between players.
The point I made about “fair” is what would be rewarding between for example Champion / Legend. Its harder to get an Emperors Vault than an Emperors Chest, so the amount of shillings should be more rewarding. But if its 25 or 10 or 5 I dont know. Or even if you should get shillings for an Coffer.

I just threw out some numbers to give an example :slight_smile:

Sorry if I missed something, but cleaning and reading at the same time… (making the best out of the hemester-start)

If daily and weekly quests’ boxes are back, then yes.

Until there’s a load of stuff in the emporium for both casual and veterans and die hard sweats there’s no point giving anyone shillings, let alone rewarding them with chests. I got about 600 chests unopened so if we reward shillings with chests I’m going to be minted.

Put some stuff in the shop before we talk about giving people more cash.

Well… It would be optional, if you dont want shillings or need shillings, keep the chests or open them for loot.

Shillings would not replace chests, it would just give you an option to exchange for shillings if you are more in need of shillings than loot.

So if you are sitting on x boxes and you have around 100 shillings and some cosmetic drops in the shop that you want, you can either do weeklys for 4-7 weeks or just exchange some of your boxes for shillings.

It would be an optional way to get shillings, if needed.

Or a way for vets to rinse out the shop and moan bitterly (even more bitterly?) about lack of content.

There will always be some people that will run out of content.

Lets take an example:


If you want this helmet (or headgear) you will have to do trade in 167 boxes if you get 10 shilling per box (example), and that is 167 games, for one cosmetic.
But sure, there are veterans with A LOT of boxes just lying and waiting, but I am all for rewarding them with something they can do with their boxes instead of just being there, if they want to trade them in for shillings instead of just opening them and scraping everything.

But sure… There will be some people that have a lot of time spent in the game and thousand of boxes that they can exchange for shillings and clean out the shop if they want to, but I hope that they understand that they are an exception and not everybody can do that. (I guess FS have a lot of data on this).