Are macros allowed?

Good day! I need your help! I can’t find an official answer to this question. Are macros allowed in Darktide. I have problems with my hand and want to use a macro to auto click the left mouse button, is it allowed? I asked a few streamers and they said it’s allowed, but I still want to make sure. I want to use AutoHotkey

There is an anti cheat program that block them… and this is is annoys me cause I don’t see that as cheating.
I would have loved that maintening the mouse click acts like a sort of auto fire.

This makes me hate the lasgun I don’t use. I don’t want to spam click on the mouse. That’s also make me change from a tactical axe or combat blade to a combat axe… less clicks onm the mouse.

This should just be a feature. Accessibility is important, and this seems cheap.

You should be fine to use AHK in Darktide.


AHK works… but the only script I have found so simulate, as I quoted as example, an auto fire is one script that keep clicking until you click on an other key (in the script it is the right mouse button).
This means, it can’t be used.

Also, I cannot program something that will keep pressed one key once I press it and release it when i press it again. Even with QMK we can’t do that.
This would have allowed me to bypass my problem with the Hold to sprint option.

Thank you for the anwer!!!

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