Are Emperor's Gift rarities reversed?

Across about 90ish mission wins, I received 2 purple guns as Psyker, 1 legendary curio (With +XP %), and a slew of whites. Both purples were earned in the low levels, 8-14ish.
The legendary curio was at 30. In fact the only legendaries my friends have earned were at 30 and were curios.

Tangentially related, the weekly currency shop is bugged but I’m not sure in which way. Mine rotates every 24 hours, meaning there’s a 4/50ish chance of getting something useful. So once every two months or so. My friends rotates every hour which seems much more reasonable.

yeah i asked myself the same thing, i’ve got more rarity in lower difficulty. While grinding ‘missions completion’ I received 3 legendary curios on difficulty 1 lol My Preacher is fully equipped in legendary, but with the Dodge nerf , my tactical axe is just useless now and game is significantly less fun

And while I know it’s not perfect, nearly 100 matches seems like a decent sample size.