Application Error, can' t run the game

I just bought the game and I can’ t run it. Please don’ t tell me it’ s a direct x issue because I can play all other games perfectly fine. Since it’s your game I hope you have a valid solution.


What I tried so far:

  • Updating my windows
  • Reinstall direct x
  • Reinstall .NET (version 4.8)

And none of them worked for me. I have like 40 games in my steam library and every one works fine except this one.

What are your PCs specifications @dachosen?

CPU : Intel i9-9900 k @ 3.6 ghz

GPU : RTX 2060 Super

Memory : 16 Gb RAM @3600 mhz

And the games are installed on Samsung 970 evo ssd

OS : Windows 10 64 bit

So? Any ideas @FatsharkJulia ? :slight_smile:

Thank you. Please try reinstalling the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables - instructions here:

It didn’t solve my problem, but reinstalling the game solved it :slight_smile:

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