Anyone else think that Sienna's "Fire and Ash" line sounds a bit odd?

Idk, maybe i am weird, but i toally hear her say fire and ass… just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally someone has posted this so I can admit thats how it sounds to me as well.


I totally always heard it as “fire and ass”. I thought it was just me.

Maybe Seinna is just a little kinky. Well, she does have her S&M unchained outfit…

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I swear the voice actor says ass :stuck_out_tongue: Now we just need someone to get ahold of the voice line :smiley:

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I actually thought she was saying that until I turned on the subtitles.

I also hear the chaos warriors say “vagina strike” a lot, but since they aren’t subtitled, I’ll never know what they are actually saying.


I guess voice actors gotta have fun too :stuck_out_tongue:

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