Anyone else getting trapper animation + audio desync?

so this has happened to me a couple of times but i can’t tell if its just me. the trapper will walk up, and the moment their gun starts to move and the audio starts to play i’m already trapped. i do have starlink but sit at around 90 ping, and a potato pc that does get fps spikes. thing is tho i’ve played games with lag and i don’t have that problem here. i’ve dodged enough and barely not dodged enough muties to know i don’t have a problem with them. i can hit doggos out of their jump mid animation. i don’t have problems with any other type of mob to the point i’m pretty confident its not my ping. the fps spikes only happen for a second then they’re gone. i do notice that periodically my game will fps lag a bit when i’m shotting ppl so i’m leaning towards my potato pc being the problem. however, i also know that other ppl have ping lag issues and even d/c issues same as me. is anyone else getting this?

Poor frame timing/pacing is something that’s recently started happening to me-- I don’t have a potato PC per-se but it could be better. Definitely CPU-bottlenecked with some titles, Darktide was never one. Recent hotfix has seen me stuttering during horde engagements or when I make contact with enemies… feels like I’m lagging/teleporting around, which is really disorienting.

Noticed it less this morning on my Veteran, but we’ll see if it persists.

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