Any update on crafting?

In closing, we hope you enjoyed this look into Darktide’s crafting system. We are excited to bring you the rest of the crafting features, which we’ll gradually be rolling out throughout December. And we look forward to building upon this system in the future.

This is a quote from the steam post on the 29th of November. I believe @Aqshy also mentioned multiple times that FS would be addressing an issue the community had each week. Will we be getting a new community update post this week then?

If so some questions regarding crafting:

  • Will the next step of crafting be implemented in the next patch?
  • Does it still stand that ‘full’ crafting will be rolled out in december?
  • Will we be getting any comments regarding the issues the community has with the current system?

Thanks in advance


At current pace, we’ll be lucky if we get one more part while they also screw more photosensitivity afflicted people for too long.

I’d honestly have a decent RNG-free crafting system next year than this reroll-clicker we have now in the first part of the crafting update.
I can’t imagine how crappy the first iteration of the crafting system must have been (the discarded one) to “improve” it with what we have now. If this version ever existed at all…

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I think it might have been the other way around, given how every aspect of the game is designed to artificially inflate user engagement and waste our time aka keep player retention high. I reckon they had something that worked and scrapped it for something more in line with the gacha mechanics most live service games specialize in.
It’d make sense given early interviews and statements, but then again, this is Fatshark we’re talking about