Another thunder hammer thread

After using the new eviscerator and getting used to its perks and quirks, I fail to find a reason to pick up my ironhelm let alone the crucius other than flavor. Dont even get me started on those demonic shovels though.

Note: ill be focusing on ironhelm mainly. I find crucius too annoying to finesse.

The new eviscerator can 1 shot maulers on heavy rev with minimal investment, when im here on my ironhelm with full martyrdom and thrust i still have to stack more buffs to oneshot on a near perfect roll (without + flak. with +flak i can oneshot, but i still need either martyrdom stacks, thrust, or some other damage boost). This just doesnt seem right. New evis can oneshot maulers with no investment aside from + flak, where on a thunder hammer i have to buff stack like crazy to get the same result.

“Oh!” I hear you saying: “the new evis heavies are vertical!” Sure, but the first one comes out super fast and can even cleave enemies in the way too. But Thunder hammers should be doing more single target damage than eviscerators anyways.

Whats the situation with ragers? Thunder hammer either needs thrust or some minor buff stacking to 1 shot either rager on headshot. Heavy evis gets to do it for free on body shot. Why?

Then we get to crushers. Ironhelm needs thrust and + carapace to two shot crushers when new evis can do it for free(it also has that tech where if you charge mid rev the next rev will also be a crit allowing you to oneshot two crushers in quick succession with FOTF). What the heck. Make it make sense. Where is the advantage of the hammers when the new eviscerator can shred hordes AND do the thunder hammer’s job better???

Ironhelm is better off than crucius because if can pierce trash before going boom, but cruicius requires so much finessing that i dont find it fun to play. Im not familiar with its breakpoints, but i have a feeling it needs thrust for most things too.

What i think needs to change:

  • crucius needs an overhead heavy after activation simmilar to what original chaxe got this most recent patch so its not a chore to play.
    -both hammers need more damage on activation. Obviously crucius should be stronger, but i think both should be able to oneshot crushers, ironhelm with Much more buff stacking(im open to discussion of specifics)
    -light activation needs to be better. Its trash on both hammers atm.

What doesnt need to change:
-horde clear. Its average to poor. thats fine since the hammers are supposed to be single target destroyers.
-shorter recovery after hit. Its fine where it is. Dodge lock can be dangerous, but can be played around since you can block during the dodge lock.

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Also with a Martydom build, if you Foft mid shred against a rager, you can use a normal heavy attack to kill a second rager.

I waa hoping this last boss update would’ve had some last minute balance changes. Very sad that I’m wrong.

Very short summary of my own take:

  • Agreed on the crucis overhead, if it isn’t gonna cleave like the ironhelm it needs to be treated like the Orestes IV and do a vertical activated strike.
  • Guaranteed one-shot since this is a high-risk melee weapon, it should kill anything that isn’t a monstrosity. These are anti-tank weapons in lore and should have equivalent power.
  • I’d like to see the lights either given the same damage as the new activated heavy (since it’s the power field doing all the work) or given a ‘slam the ground to scatter enemies’ kind of power similar to the power maul on Ogryn.

Thammer is fun but dependent on stuff like shroudfield to avoid being too much risk for too little reward.

All of this make sense to me.

This is a small point, but I wanted to point out, that in order to hit break points without marty or a fury you need to deplete your stam for that 20% damage first…which means you can’t block haha.

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