And now this:

Issue Summary:
So I was moving the insides of my computer into a new case for the last three days and now:

So that was nice so I decided to do the weekly for the first time…

Blind mode 10/10 weekly :smile:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Buy game
  2. Get some chaos corruption
  3. Be marked by Tzeentch

Reproduction Rate:

console-2019-04-18-16.43.31-e1d2ed0d-481c-4901-8bb4-45d3943e424d.log (128.1 KB)

Also no V-sync tears like crazy again.

Oooooh. Perhaps this is the unspoken difficulty that so many people yearn for? Being entirely blind to environment and enemy alike! Brilliant! What will FatShark come up with next :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, that seems like a harsh bug. So after shifting your tower into a new body it’s just freaking out? All of the same components, though, right?

No GPU upgrade? You tried reinstalling the drivers, that’s damn weird dude…

Yep the only thing I did was moving every item into a new case there shouldn’t really be any change the only thing that actually might cause anything is that the drives might be in other slots of the Mainboard.

Well, moving my hardware to a new motherboard fixed my FPS lag and stutters. So who knows XD

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