An idea to great improve the "Tagging Wheel"

The tagging wheel is a little bit clunky to use. You actually need to move your mouse to snap to the top or bottom part of the call. Would be a lot smoother if all the option were clumped up in a tighter circle and only had to do a slight move in the direction of the call you want. Has of right now, the travel time is pretty long, making it awkward to use !


I personally think the issue here is how long it takes the tag wheel to appear, even when it’s set to the minimum delay. It’s so slow to appear that it’s better to not use it half the time.

Just let me hit the tag button and have the wheel instantly appear so I can instantly move my mouse into whatever segment of the screen the relevant tag option is taking up. As long as the mouse is in that segment, it should work, whether the cursor is over the tag button or beyond it.

This isn’t a thing we should need precision and timing in order to use reliably.