Amazon Studios acquires rights to 40k

Can this affect the future of Darktide, or Darktide 2, expansions and all? It seems they have secured everything about 40k from what I am reading here.

Why would it? Amazon acquiring licenses to produce 40k content doesn’t affect other license holders.


Ya, im not well versed in that type of legal stuff hence the question since it acquisition also affects games per say.

Id be slightly sad if AGS greedy paws were to touch Warhammer.

It’s not like games workshop paws are any less greedy.


Exactly why im worried. And im not sure what Fatshark/Tencent license with 40k and this game is. Probably not public knowledge im guessing?

Probably not, but there’s nothing to think about honestly.

Plenty of 40k games are on the works, all of them have licenses, amazon ahs just adquired licenses for everything it seems, just in case they want to make whatever.

The bigger concern should be Fatshark not polishing this turd fast enough/well enough, and losing the license that way.

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Don’t worry, this is already one of the most polished 40k games, as sad as taht sounds.


This is sadly true. GW will give anybody with a bad idea and a pile of cash a license.

Ya i mentioned it somewhere else. The gameplay / music is completly insane but its a piece of chocolate envelopped in a bunch of sh!t.

Heck, who knows. Amazon may end up doing something good, specially with Cavill at the helm.

Cavill seems to genuinely love the IP and I hope he does do something spectacular. Amazon definitely has the pockets to make some truly great content.

Cavill is one of us. He loves the lore more than anything else. Long story short, if he walks away, we know itll be sh!t.

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I think Darktide has a lot of potential, but there would definitely be a certain amount of schadenfreude watching Fatshark suffer the consequences of not reading the room.

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Considering how Amazon screwed up Lord of the rings franchise, im more than afraid of them having 40k rights…


Rings of Power was fine. I say this as a nerd that owns a first edition copy of The Silmarillion. People just need to appreciate it in the same way comic book nerds appreciate the MCU. They aren’t the same thing and both can be good in different ways.

I think 40k under Amazon will be fine too.

[Edit: By which I mean, it may not be great (or even good), but it’ll be successful.]

[Edit 2: Also, this is a CLASSIC example of GW being bad at business. This is what they should have done from the start instead of doing Warhammer+.]

they probably have licenses for a movie in the 40k world or a few movies, then everything goes back to GW after the movies are made.

its bad not only on an lotr adaptation its also horrible in every craft of story telling.

awful dialog
dumbfounded character progression
zero logic in character motivation

there are great adaptations for example ARCANE is not faithful to the lore of runeterra yet its still regarded as a masterpiece of media? why because characters are well written and the world depicted is 100% coherent, to the point where fans were literally trying to get riot to retcon all of the previous lore into arcane’s lore

people recognize good media and are willing to stray away from source material if there is reason to.
the lotr fan-fiction does not incite any of that


Rings of Power is fine. It’s entertaining. That’s all I required as a huge Tolkien nerd and it delivered.

I’m sure the Amazon 40k shows will be the same. They would actively and intentionally have to try to make it bad.

Sorry man, i dont agree with you on this one. There was just too many things wrong with Rings of power, that strayed highly (imo) from Tolkiens original vission of his story telling, which i dont wanna get into, because i’d be automatically dubbed as xenophobic racist (which i am not). Jackson captured it way more perfectly, Galadriel feels like disney hero for teenagers. And thats exactly my problem with these companies. They will do whatever they think they have to, in order to make their procuct more appealing for a wider audience.

I dont think amazon is capable of making a proper wh 40k product, consisting of gorish and highly horrorish mindfucking content. Cavill may just agree with this, because thats the best offer he might get to be a space marine in a movie/series.

Doesnt really matter though. GW clearly showed, that monetization of their franchise is higher priority, hence 9th edition, when they added a lot of bs about refound primarch and new and better space marines, just to sell more of their most selled products.


Man, tbh tho, seeing 40k on the bigscreen with the current state of CGI is gonna be nice one way or another.

We dont have a baseline per say. As long as they dont do what they did to Halo or Doom (I swear if they bring Dwayne Johnson to 40k… ill riot), we should be fine as long as Cavill is there.

I also wonder what part of 40k they tend to go for. It would blow my mind if they cover the horus heresy.

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