All Fatshark employees and management should watch Bellular's new Darktide video

I don’t need to state anything. He articulates everything perfectly.

Link to his video: I'm Just Gutted... The Warhammer 40k Darktide Launch Betrayal Stings. - YouTube


It was posted here yesterday already. While I agree that most of what he says is true, I’m also fairly certain that those making these decisions are quite aware of the implications, they just don’t give a toss, as short term profits seem more important.


what is the point of releasing a video if its just going to be you talking over footage of your face? at that point just upload a text document or something.

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The guy is quite full of himself and that nice little powerpoint has nothing new in it, either. Pretty sure devs know. Why spend 30 mins listening to this stale crap?


Counter-point: Nobody should listen to any gaming rant video.

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Hehehe, at year’s end, you bet they are !
Sad, but true…

Cannot see this video being useful for the janitor.

They care about money the CCP are their masters now and they are good at ignoring critics

I watched him a long time ago, you could get good info. But for a long time now it seems like the main drive of his is complaints and negative videos. He’s good to watch if you already dislike what he’s gonna rant on though.