All Enemy Health Values from all Difficulties

I thought folks might find this useful, so I made a google doc with all the current health values. I did not do the research here! Props to u/ManShanko for datamining it, and Grimalackt for posting it onto the Squirrel Squid Discord! Please forgive me if I transposed some numbers, but original source is included for confirmation.

I couldn’t find out what the health values were for the Minotaur, as those are not included in the original data (and that original can be viewed here; I just tried to make it all a bit easier to understand and included old Legend health values for comparison).

EDIT: ManShanko contacted me and informed me that the Minotaur has the same health as ol’ Roger, so I have edited that in. :slight_smile:


Sweet! Thanks!

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Have u seen such sheet for hitmass?

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I have not, sorry.

Looks like the Damage & Breakpoints Calculator got updated!


Wonderful! =D