AI Director

I have noticed that, amout of enemies (bosses and specials included), is so casual… we can see enemies number to double up between two match… so we can have a boring run followed by an unfair run.
I know, luck must to play her role; maybe in one match we can have a more concentrate spawn in one place… but the amount of enemies should to remain, more or less, the same; and not to double up.

Wait … and how is it racist ? DID I GOT CLICKBAITED BY A THREAD !? D:


Disagree. Half of the games’ fun comes from all the shenanigans the director throws at you. I liked it before patch much better.

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I agree, i got clickbaited by title XD Touche’ sir

Its racist cause rat ogre targets elf too much :stuck_out_tongue:


@WeSo @Margicks No one clickbait… racist cause towards some people it is more evil :tired_face:

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So… “A Prejudiced AI Director” :stuck_out_tongue: just having fun OP, dont mean to troll :slight_smile: Also… wouldnt it be speciest? Since our heroes are all from different species… wait… ponder Can warhammer races interbreed? O.o cause then they would be of the same general species… the implications!

anyways… I have heard rumors that more melee groups get more spawns at higher difficulties, curious to see if theres any data to support that

Fixed the clickbait

Hi Hedge!

AI director?

pfff. bring it. i can hear all the specials that come, i’m itching to shoot them all with my crossbow, just poke yer damn heads out i dare you.

An IA director that sometimes spawns X enemies amount and sometimes double up this amount… is simply bugged regardless my aim and regardless my victory/defeat. Then, I don’t care if you kill everything with your xbox or if you don’t… simply cause it is just off topic.

It’s just as random as loot system now. Enjoy.

this. it is consistent in it’s randomness, if that makes any sense. it won’t spawn 6 leeches at the same time, there’s a max chance and number it can go up to and it’s working within that limit. 2xpackmasters and 2xassassins are possible, but 4xpackmasters and 4xassassins at the same time are not.

Well. loot system is also very consistent. You’re guaranteed to get 3 items, their level is guaranteed to be 297+ and you also guaranteed to get your 10th charm before having any weapons. :smile:

Do you think that this is intended? I don’t know, maybe, but I don’t think so… anyway, I would like less rng. Legend should be a solid difficulty… and not this ridicolous swing… as I had to climb a mountain, and it would become more or less high depending on the day. Maybe one day is sunny, another it is snowing… but the height, imho, must be remain the same.

Maybe, in one match, we could have more concentrated spawns, or a LITTLE more spawns… but to double up the amount, imho, is unfair.

I don’t think that’s intended. I don’t remember having such a problem before the patch. But I also thinks that’s not not intended. Someone just decided to make these spawns more rng, without thinking about the consequences. And as I said a thousand times already, if you implement an rng system without smoothing the peaks, you gonna get very non-consistent results, since 101010101 sequence has the same probability as 000000000 sequence. I’ll let Kruber explain that.

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