AI Director/Spawn Rate vs Computer Power

Hot damn. I thought things were going better for you for a bit there?
Guess the game decided it was too easy for you!
Blight stormer in the boss arena in into the nest…WHAT?! That sounds bad.
CW at end part of hunger…jeez.
I have experienced some crazy ass spawn rates when I host(4770k @4.3Ghz, 16Gb ddr3 @2400Mhz, 980ti sli[yes I know sli is not supported], win 7 64) but never THAT extreme.

I am not a coder/programmer but there must be some way to put a “cap” on spawns?

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Better as client (at least compared to 1.0.6) but worse as host apparently :frowning:

I forget my k value but mine’s a similar rig. Recent gen i7 @ 4.3Ghz, either 64 or 128 ddr3 (I forget which), and 3x 980Ti. 1.0.6 was crazy but it was crazy like… the dial was cranked too high on everything., especially these last few days with me hosting, has been like someone ripped the dial off and stabbed a screwdriver into the hole.

hahaha dang that’s one powerful rig

i’m sitting on a i7 2600, with a 770gtx. 3-4 years old computer, considering upgrading it rofl. enjoying vermintide with everything set to low =P

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Yah, that is a nice rig @Avar.
Three way SLI has got to be one heck of a hassle though.
Not something I will personally ever do again.
I dont think nvidia even oficially supports any thing over two way SLI outside of benching anymore.
I have been a long time SLI user, but it slowly seems to be fading away.
It seems like more and more games do not have official SLI support which sucks IMHO.

Agreed and same. I like it but I’ll likely never do more than 2x cards again. I mostly got it to ensure I could video cap at 4k and render at 4k in a reasonable amount of time for my YouTube channel but yeah, disappointing how support has been dwindling.

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Could it be ping/latency related? Some of the worst director behaviour I’ve seen was when playing with a friend in the UK. When teamed up with two people where we all live w/i 5min of each other, every run was perfect.

My regular group are Canadians…with me being on east coast united states.
When one of them hosts…not so bad. When I host typically a bit harder…on average. Been playing with that group since 1.0.6.
I used to play with a UK guy hosting and a Spain guy hosting and runs were usually pretty balanced with them. That was around 1.0.5 when I used to play with them.
Spain guy did not have super awesome rig as he would get crashes from over heating lol.

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