After playing the new Chaosbane game

I am so sorry i was grumbling about balance&lack of distinctive traits and uniqueness and whatnot earlier, i had forgotten what real misery was like >.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::sob:


Let me guess, the Soldier is as bland as possible and the Elves are overpowered in this one as well?

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Game is such a mess i dont even know where to start to explain it all.

But to get you an idea, i had to work out strategies to deal with the first boss for two evenings (my free time) to find a way to not get oneshot and deal with the dang fellow.

Meanwhile i killed the last boss in under 2 minutes on my first attempt, with it dying so fast i didnt even realize it died before i saw the loot drop.

The difficulty progression seems completely reversed, you cant replay story mode at all, bosses are painfully easy or difficult depending on some factors and loot can fall off the map.

You also have this energy bar to charge a kind of supermode that resets any time you enter or leave a zone through some door, even if inside the same stage.

You have 4 characters with 1 weapon each, in the similar Diablo 3 while you use the same abilities which each weapon you still have a heap of different ones that change your basic attacks and interact with your scalings and whatnot.

And more, and more, way more.

But as for the imperial soldier…to be honest i dont really know, i started off with the elf waystalker as i was a great fan of the similar Demon hunter in Diablo 3.

However opinions i heard were mixed, some told me the soldier was bad, some told me he was really good.

Others told me the dwarf was either awful or amazing, i think it all boils down to everyone using different builds which makes it difficult to say if one is truly bad or not.

I found my runs with the waystalker changing extremely depending on which builds i used so there is that…to bad the differences were a bit too extreme : (

High elf mage should be OP without any question though.


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@Fatshark_Hedge Sorry, won’t do it again :slightly_smiling_face:
Let’s put it this way…

After I, tested the game, this is my opinion:

I hoped that at least the story is decent, but it isn’t. Simply nothing special and nothing different. They’ve tried to copy Diablo and haven’t done a good job. Of course this is just my personal highly subjective opinion, but…


Names & pronunciations are also off, cringe inducing stuff unfortunately.

Voo-llen. :expressionless:

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Don’t get me started on storytelling and voiceacting, i started with the WE too, it’s so… bad. She is talking like a Karen and her background is laughable simple (just like the amish tradition of rumspringa, but for dozen of years, so uninventive). The only cool thing is the setting, but that’s coming from the IP itself, i guess. At least the HE one is nice to hear, to arrogant for other elfs until people got hurt (and killed), got kicked out. I’m wondering why he not went full Drukhi.
But comparing voiceacting from other games to Vermintide is a foolish thing to do in the first place. It’s just so beyond. Really makes me appreciate their work more.


There are some games that i think have pretty good or at least fitting voice acting as well, an example of what i find really good would be the witcher series, the dragon age series and mass effect pre andromeda.

LOTR games, and even the divinity games,heck even got some really good pieces from unexpected directions like the dynasty warriors games, some of the dialogues there in the story based modes gave me goosebumps.

Which to be fair is actually a credit to fatshark for having such a good voice acting quality despite being so much smaller.

But chaosbane? Dear gawd no.

Comparing to Diablo 3 is absolutely reasonable, i mean that is basically the current standard for what a story driven ARPG&dungeon crawler should look like, at least ever since the reaper of souls expansion.

And yet,.,…despite such a golden and easy to understand example the makers of chaosbane still flunked it somehow which is just pretty dang sad, they even wasted a perfectly good opportunity for a story.

The only thing that i was actually amazed by is the fact that the game was extremely stable and ran without any issue´s for me despite being so new, but that´s not much of a + when the rest is so sub-standard.


Yeah. I am just not into it. It just feels…boring.
I started off as the Slayer, one friend on soldier, one on high elf.
Beat the first act with them and stopped playing. My two friends still play…they seem to like it.

Would rather spend my time on vt2 and total war.
Almost done with every single Okris challenge! 18 more deeds and about 100 games between last couple career for 100 game hats and every progress bar will be full.
Probably would have finished it sooner but I find myself spending more and more time on modded.


As a huuuuge Diablo 3 fan, I was stupid excited for Chaosbane… Vermintide was my first foray into the Warhammer lore universe, so I was looking forward to getting further thrust into the worlds of Warhammer Fantasy.

And was significantly disappointed. I should’ve learned my lesson about pre-ordering games a long time ago.

Yup, you should “test” the game before you buy it, if you know what I mean :wink:

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