Additional talent to choose on 30lvl

Each 5 levels you can choose one of three talents, but you gaining nothing at all when you reach 30 lvl.
What if at 30 lvl you will get ability to choose one additional talent from first or second talent lines?
The fact is, that talents in some talent lines falls in similar category.
For example, 1&2 talents in 1, and 1&3 talent in 2 talent lines of Foot Knight career. All of them is plus-minus increases tanking potential, but we forced to choose only one of them within the line.
So I suggesting to implement above mentioned idea, or talents in one line should be different enough for clear choice.


One of the points of winds of magic was new talents. While this might mean a rework it might also add some and I really hope they reconsider and don’t raise the max lvl.

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Good idea.

I have no issue with the max lvl going up as long as hero power stays at 300 for levels and the increased levels only give a new talent. I wouldn’t mind a sort of MMO lvl creep, where each expansion lets you progress another 10 lvls or so. If they keep increasing the difficulty and leave the hero power alone, it should be fine. As long as the new talents aren’t broken…


I like the idea. The only issue is I’m concerned that, if its poorly balanced, strong classes will become even stronger, and weaker classes will become even weaker by comparison. Worst case scenario many of them might be boring, niche, simply not effective or poorly thought out.

Hmm, yes it is possible, that rework will be needed too…
After some time I thought, that maybe tree system with points to spent like in Payday2 or Global Agenda would be even better, but it will take significant amount of time to make properly.

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