Adding a /stuck feature to counteract getting stuck?

It would go a long way in fixing a large portion of the tiny glitches if we could get a /stuck function that either nudges ur char a small bit or ports you the last location you moved from (idk how to explain that, like the last place the game detected forward/backward movement, not vertical so cant /stuck back up jumps and stuff). just a thought. maybe give each player 1 or 2 uses of it? or have it on a cd so it cant be abused.

Another idea instead of just nudging is have /stuck move you to the nearest friendly character (again, not vertical). Only prob would be if 2 ppl are stuck together, but could have it move to nearest non touching character (min distance 1m, max dist 5m).


Yeah, would be useful. Tired of waiting for a packmaster to spawn and targrt the correct character! :smiley:

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:laughing: Whenever it happens to my groups, we usually just leave them to get assassinated (rip when they have grims).

It’s happened so often to me because I have a tendancy to jump a lot in all games I play. It’s got to a point where my friend who plays Waystalker shoots me every time I jump to train me to stop!

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I agree. In the meantime, there are two easy fixes:

  1. Bring an enemy to the stuck character and let them block one of its attacks. 9/10 this will free them.

  2. Tab -> make match private -> friend stuck player -> stuck player leaves -> bot spawns unstuck -> stuck player immediately rejoins.

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does making the game private disable the quick play bonus at the end? just curious :slight_smile: also tyvm for the tip!

Nope, still get bonus. np!

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The friend who leaves won’t get the quick play bonus though! Everyone else is fine.

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But what about our emperors chests? :confounded: its not like we can rely on Renald!

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