Players getting stuck in map

This is just a general bug report / complaint. I have been playing a ton since the new update, pretty much whenever I can, and about 4/10 games someone gets stuck in the map. Between chairs and tables, but most recently I was soloing the weave, and was having a blast, when a boss spawned I started shooting, and got hit into the spikes / crystals on Gold Canyon. This ruined that round for me, as I couldn’t get unstuck, and couldn’t finish the level. Another player spawned in, commiserated about having this happen to them often too, and then left.

Please consider looking into this bug, as it seems like a simple improvement could be tweaking colliders on spikes, crystals, tables, chairs, etc!

Thank you!

I sympathize with your experience
I have also encountered the same situation in most map :joy:
I hopeful game can auto teleport the player out who stucked

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