Add the ability to look backwards in combat?

(Unless i am crazy) I cannot find a way for our characters to look behind without turning them completely around (and exposing our fleshy backs to doom). I think it would go a long way to increase our situational awareness if we could bind a key to turn our heads backwards (if not 180, at least 120-160, i know we are not owls :wink: ) while our body/shield/weapons remain forward for defensive measures.

For example: When fighting bosses, i occasionally find myself constantly backing up and eventually getting stuck in a corner (to my imminent demise). Being able to look backwards occasionally would allow us to look behind and get an idea of where we are (and what enemies are sneaking up behind us). I cannot understate how many times i get stabbed in the butt because i was facing a horde, shield out, and couldn’t turn my head to check my surroundings.

I am open to ideas/feedback of course, its just an idea (and maybe it is in the game and i’m just an idiot) but if not, i think it would be an AMAZING upgrade to an amazing game

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It is a neat feature in concept. There are really good pro’s to it but I’m not sure this would be that usefull in game if implemented. My reasons are:

  • Block is 360 degrees so you usually turn sideways and dodge while looking around or even full 180 for a quick glimpse back while holding it. This way you still block all incoming attacks if those are not multiple quick heavy attacks.
  • An additional button to press in clutch situations can mess you up. Can be negated by experience and “gittin gud” though.
  • If the head turning animation is quick, snapping back and forth can cause a surprising level of disorientation (I’ve experienced this myself in Rocket League which has such a mechanic). If the animation is slow it mostly defeats the purpose. The “sweet spot” of not too fast and not too slow is very individual so there would be a need for a speed customization option in the menu. Not a bad thing, but more work and potential bugs for the devs.
  • A minor and disputable thing but I think map knowledge and choosing the best positions to fall back to before the fight are important in this game. At least for me it is, for that feeling of personal skill progression.

So yeah… GIT GUD.

Use your mouse.

Do you play with controller, or keyboard/mouse?

If you play controller you’re pretty much hosed unless they add a dedicated key for it. But on kb/m, just turn up your sensitivity a bit. High sensitivity is recommended for FPS type games so that you can turn 180 with a small mouse movement. Does take a lot of getting used to if you normally play on a low sensitivity setting, but once you get the hang of it you will be much better at the game I think.

A good skill to practice in the keep is running in a direction and turning to face behind you while maintaining your speed in your original direction.

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i think you guys misread his post, i think he wants a mechwarrior style option of having the camera turn, but your frontal block cone still stays in front.

we’ve all adapted to just turning and turning our mouses quickly, but this is a pretty interesting unconventional request

but if he’s just talking about getting stabbed in the back because he didn’t check it often… then yea, git gud etc lol.

when i’m swinging my weapon, i turn my camera with the sweep at times so i can see a wider angle, so while i’m stun killing rats, i’m also checking the sides. i can also swing and connect with the enemy and turn 180deg around to check the back, then on the return swing face forward again.

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^ This, especially when I’m wielding 2 handers.
But OP made an interesting point, looking back while still maintaining original direction sounds like a good idea.

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YES! this exactly! I want to be able to keep my shield/weapons attacking/blocking forward while being able to look backwards and checking on my team/surroundings. I play Ironbreaker and am always up front, shielding/knocking back :slight_smile:

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I play with keyboard/mouse, will try turning up my sensitivity a bit more and see what happens! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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If this ever gets implemented ingame,it better literally turn every characters head around 180 degrees so I can laugh my ass off every time it happens.

That being said, I think there is a degree of realism they are shooting for, and I think this would fall a little too far from that. I think its fine that your teammates need to watch your back or you need to take the risk of exposing your frontal block in order to check behind yourself.

You can always try adjusting your FoV by a ridiculous amount and see if that helps you.

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