Minimize Confusion for Shade's Backstab and Item Traits

Shade’s backstab:

  1. Difficult to tell from which angle an attack constitutes a backstab.
  2. No indicator (that I’ve noticed) for achieving successful backstab.
  3. No indication as to whether a backstab must be a charged attack or not (with dual daggers, light attacks are slashes while charged attacks are actual stabs).
    Possible solutions:
     1) Hit indicator (think projectile/headshot hit indicators) that is unique to backstab, or a visual+audio effect like the orange trail and the “whoosh” effect of critical hits. The orange crosshair + sound effect that appear on headshots are excellent for clarity and satisfying for the player.
     2) Let players familiarize themselves with mechanics by practicing on dummies. Let shade’s backstab actually work on dummies.

Item Traits (such as Barrage, Conservative Shooter, and Scrounger):

  1. No indicator as to when Barrage activates. Its wording is vague.
  2. Does Conservative Shooterand Inspirational Shot work for melee weapon headshots as well?
  3. Does Scrounger work for melee weapons?
    Possible Solutions:
     1) Let people test these on dummies.
     2) Reword the descriptions.

Using traits (and skills such as Shade’s Bloodfletcher) that replenish ammo upon meeting certain criteria would feel much more meaningful if there was an indicator on the HUD that let the player know. Like a +1 that appears above the ammo count. Perhaps have the ammo indicator persist even while using melee weapon? I frequently find myself double tapping my weapon quick swap button to check my ammo count.

Really love the game so far. You guys are doing Sigmar’s work!

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All good suggestions, but the game’s mechanics are all confusing. The game doesn’t make an effort in explaining anything besides what little is in the tutorial.

Does Conservative Shooterand Inspirational Shot work for melee weapon headshots as well?
Does Scrounger work for melee weapons?

Traits work for their weapons. So no.

I just think that as a newcomer to the game, I shouldn’t have to go to /r/vermintide or steamcommunity forums in order to find these sort of answers.

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