Shade rework idea

every melee will perform the same damage but the backstab angle is scaled depending on a default block radius of a weapon.

let enemy_yaw = 00; //put whatever value between 0 and 360.
let player_yaw = 90; //^^
let block_angle = 90; //^^

let angle = 360 - enemy_yaw; //get the opposite angle of enemy.
let backstab = block_angle * 2 >= 360 ? 90 : 360 - block_angle * 2 //backstab angle depeding on block radius
return angle - backstab / 2 <= player_yaw && player_yaw <= angle + backstab / 2; //return whether its backstabbed or not.

in that way, shade could have much more options to maximize its power, less typical.

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please approve this.


why not?

Seems like alot of effort for pretty much nothing.

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i do some coding and drawing myself usually,
and the code above isnt nothing but return whether it backstabbed or not.
such a remarkable words to comments down below.

Yeah… because with VT and FS, stuff is ALWAYS easy.

Other than that, it’s not only the coding, but also the balancing involved. And also, the backstab mechanic works fine as it is, I don’t see why this would be an improvement.

lua syntax might be different but the core logic is remain the same.

because shade must use daggers or so to maximize ultimate damage, but in this way she could perform the same. the damage multiplier for weapons been limit her all along and i think its now time to let her free.

The damage multiplier is there for the specific reason to encourage specific weapons.
Dual weapons have a crit bonus, shade has a crit bonus, her active is basically a large crit bonus.
One has to assume Fatshark did that on purpose.
See also how they specifically nerfed glaive to make it a less desirable option to use on shade.
Also, I’m not sure what you seek to gain with Shades being able to backstab enemies from the front with a spear.

front? guess i have to explain every single codes.

let backstab = block_angle * 2 >= 360 ? 90 : 360 - block_angle * 2

whether block angle * 2 is greater or equal to 360
if true let stab angle = 90. to prevent backstab being impossible to perform with a spear.
else let stab angle = 360 - block_angle * 2

spear have 180 degrees of block angle, thus 180 * 2 = 360 is equal to 360
stab angle = 90
here we are spear cant strike fatal blow from the front.

dual swords have 90 degrees of block angle, thus 90 * 2 isnt equal to nor greater than 360
stab angle = 360 - 90 * 2 = 380 - 180 = 180

this used ternary operator which isnt new-comer friendly so wont you depress.

thats the issue huh?
people always trying to stab behind with ult if possible, arent they?
having less stab angle might be a big deal for cleave i might say.

Wasn’t it recently established that her backstab bonus didn’t apply to her active ability? I thought I read something like that on reddit the other day.

Other than that, boss damage is pretty amazing on almost all of Keri’s weapons.

stab bonus is working indeed.

yes they are, but the damage difference between daggers and rest are huge.

Nah, on Ult they might as well go for headshots. Hard to do from behind on a lot of enemies.
Basically, classes are set up to fit a somewhat lore-inspired playstyle, and small blades are fluffed as finesse weapons - like backstabs.
I see shades with spears, DnD, SnD, SnS, and rarely the other weapons - so the class pretty much uses all weapons at least to some extent.
That said, looking at the weapon stats now, I believe such a change would only really affect the daggers?
A weapon that I think is quite meh excepting it’s damage versus bosses.

@LuiKangBakingAPie I think the backstab bonus adds to the same pool as the finesse bonus of her active, so I suspect it wouldn’t multiply, but add. Not sure about that, really.

get used to it, its better.
thought people here are crying for higher difficulty, saying current legend is way too easy but stabbing is hard?

dagger will have larger stab angle, which is acceptable and rest will have noticeable viability due to shade’s purpose - slay the lords, and heavy armoured unit quickly.

In that case, why not state that motivation?
I believe it would be no issue to just give daggers a trait “higher backstab angle”.
Not that I agree with the proposal in general.
And no, backstabbing isn’t hard, but due to their statue, very few enemies can be reliably hit in the head from behind. And if I, say, intend to stab a CW out of a horde, I can’t just go behind it - I’d maneuver myself into the middle of enemies. A headshot has a similar effect - the CW is dead - without taking that risk, and without a second to maneuver.

stab bonus > headshot bonus.

correct, stab the one middle of ratmen will be very risky, even with these adjustments she could stand no chance for all but a bit better at the very least.

gave away all the cleaves for higher angle,
or less angle but better cleave is what i desire.

Personally, I don’t see any real sense in this.

First off, I think the current system works just fine, and there’s no need to change it. In fact, a changing backstab angle depending on the weapon would bring in unneeded complexity, and the stabbing (or its damage bonus, at least) is already of questionable effectiveness without Bloodfletcher.

That’s more out of practical reasons than damage efficiency. Approaching a moving enemy from behind is safer than from the front, and easier and safer than from the side. While headshots bring in a bigger damage bonus than backstabbing (at least on the weapons most Shades use), they’re hard to aim and timing-critical, unlike backstabbing, so might as well take at least some bonus. And of course, people are most likely to run Bloodfletcher which also works on backstabs, so that gets some ammo back at the same time. So the backstab damage bonus by itself isn’t likely to entice people to approach from behind while Infiltrated.

Besides, this would bring in a curious imbalance to the weapons, and one that I think goes the wrong way: The bigger weapons, especially the Spear, would be the weapons to backstab with. The weapons with a good Cleave are already very good to slay groups (and to gain ammo with Bloodfletcher); this would increase the disparity. While Spear has the biggest block angle and would certainly gain an advantage from this (which I already find questionable, style-wise at least), the weapon to gain most would probably be Dual Swords. They’re already capable (in skilled hands) of dispatching two Elites on one strike, but getting an increased backstab angle would, combined with Murderous Prowess and their increased crit rate, make them one-hit kill a vast majority of enemies - anything considered “Man-Sized”, really.

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SnD’s 2nd charged attack is the exact same as daggers.

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I don’t think angle adjustments are anything I would want because it would be another thing to keep track of.
It could be a good thing dough but given the time FS has to balance things I don’t think it will end up good.

I rater have them thinker with her actual game play and well balance.

guess i forget that one. but even so, wasting 1st charge just for 2nd is such a waste of time meanwhile dagger can perform its best damage almost instantly.