Add minimum power to quickplay games

I think this was a feature in the beta, where you could only join Veteran/champ/legend games if you met a minimum power requirement. Could this be added? It should filter out the low level players joining higher difficulties when they aren’t ready(low power gear + low level usually implies low skill too)

Its still in the game, although it has always been a bit “broken” in that all you had to do was to reach the limit once.

For example: Get a lvl 30 char with maxed gear (i.e. hero power 600), then start a new hero at lvl 1 with 5 power gear and you can still join Legend games!

(Unless they have changed this recently, I have no character with low enough hero power to try it out anymore)

No it doesn’t. If they joined you in a champion/legendary game, that means they’ve reached the required power lvl with one of the characters, hence they have the skill the developers think required to play on such a difficulty. It’s true that they might be stuck with bad gear, but honestly it doesn’t make that much of a difference on champion, and on legendary I doubt you’d run into someone with low power lvl anyway.

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Even if you get a level 30 hero with a red charm, trinket, necklace, and 300 power weapons, they are still missing HALF of their power.

I thought this was in the game already.

In practice, if you have completed legend with some character who has 300 power gear, you can switch character and craft a whole new set of gear, with 300 power. Admittedly you have no traits that can make a big difference, BUT considering there are so many duplicate red trinkets, having a character at level 1, with all red trinkets is possible to complete at legend.

yep, just cleared a few legend games tonight with people below lvl 20. I wouldn’t say my wife and I carried them, but they definitely under preformed. None the less, it wasn’t that much harder. You can get fully geared lvl 30 people with reds that still play like crap.

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Anyone who’s vocally worried about someone being sub-30 in Legend tells me more about their own skill/experience and lack thereof than that of the person levelling. The devs already set perfectly reasonable power requirements.

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