Add fimirs to the game

I would like to see fimir in the game, could be mistwalkers or balefiends, for the chaos horde.
Mistwalker would be pretty straight forward- super armoured elites with a huge mace, and they’re almost invisible until they attack. Only sound cues and paying extra caution will give them away before they attack.
Balefiends could, for variety’s sake, be a support unit for chaos rather than dealing damage. It could summon wetlands under player’s feet in a radius similar to blightstormers, that slows down players and drain their stamina slightly.

Additionally, I think chaos should have forsaken among their ranks, though I’m not sure whether they’d be elites, bosses or specials.

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I don’t know if Chaos needs something right now. (Sure we can always dream)

Forsaken may be like Beserkers in the size of Chaos Warriors (In terms of the properties):
Probably not that armored.

Maybe a Chosen would be an interesting Miniboss!

I don’t know about the Fimir, I don’t really like them personally, they seem to me kind of unnecessary and uninteresting in the Warhammer Universe generally.

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How can you not like the fimir? They’re a cyclopean, swamp-dwelling and mysterious race, the first chaos-chosen people- there’s this faint mythical celtic feel about them, I can’t help but love them.
I think it’s sad that they’re not very prominent in Warhammer.

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No, lets better focus on vermintide because right now its goattide

I agree, but for future reference, I think the fimir could be a good addition once (or if) FS manages to fix current issues.

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I’ve read through Fimir lore and I know now why they are little bit kept back in the Warhammer Lore. (or arguably even got dropped completly)

Firstly they were just generally unpopular in the tabletop, Secondly their lore was apparently a bit problematic for the younger community members (who are apparently a big part) of the table top.

Apparently they reproduce by kidnapping women.
If I tell more I might get hurt because of the Forum Rules. And I don’t want to get hurt. :disappointed_relieved: