Add Fight or Flight Response

I don’t understand why 2 clan rats would choose to attempt to fight 4 powerful soldiers. There should be a fight or flight response where, depending on the types of enemies and quantity, they might run away to try and get help from additional enemies. Ranged weapons would thus be more crucial to try and kill the fleeing enemy.

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Even if it’s “lore-friendly” and fun for the gameplay, I’m pretty sure they stated they won’t do it, because of hordes reason :
-It would indeed require them to increase horde density in order to have the same amount of trash to fight (if most of them flee because they’re now aware of being overkilled)
-Therefore, if team is not doing really good, horde a much more dangerous because of the increased horde density (if you cannot make them flee, then they’re much more)

So yeah actually it would mean : Easier hordes if you’re doing good because they flee, harder if you’re not doing good because they’re much . Good gameplay idea, too much problem with it :confused:

There are “ambush holes” and boarded up holes all over the maps. Maybe have them run toward the holes and if you don’t kill them before they go in them, they disappear and bring back friends.