Add a "lore" page to the game

Make a list of all the enemies, detailing their stats. Health, damage, stagger resistance, etc.

Currently there’s no way to tell how much stagger you’re actually doing to different enemies.


Like this would be really good idea a glosary of things & what they really do or impact on… really do we nead to try finding those googling & finding on some datamined info…

…& put it in the place of those stupid “penance altars” that you placed right on the way to mission select from Melks shop.

…also maybe change the freaking shop a bit… there is 3 vendor spots but for what reason? There isn’t many players anyway & there is no physics like 3 ogryns blocking the way to shop & you can’t pass them… make maybe each window corresponding each of the subcategories of the shop.

What I even write this for… you cant make a game without exploiting players… why I bother…


I second this, we just had this discussion a few days ago, this game is missing a monster encyclopedia like risk of rain or Witcher, where through defeating them you gain knowledge on them and can read up on their stats and descriptions.

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