Active abilities doing 1 damage to allies/yourself

I just killed myself with bardin smoke bomb while being grey and on 1 hp. How and WHY is this a thing? Carried a grim btw. FS fix this.


An old Ranger´s Trick!

Nobody knows why that is how it is.


Bardin : Sniffed to much from the smoke bomb
Sienna : Is a walking bomb anyway
Victor : Gets a Sigmar Overload
Kerillian : Is an Drunk, blind elf
Markus : Goes full 'mperial Soldier mode and burns out some of his synapses

Real talk : Dunno tbh, never noticed it, had a lot of 1hp moments and used my F-ability and never died from it - did you play on Champion+ ? and on of your mates decided to shoot you in the back ? Freindly Fire and so on

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Have noticed a few times on champ and leg that if I dont get some green (grey turns green on boss kill talent), on more than one occasion I’ve “bled out” as in grey hits what should be 1hp and a moment later despite nothing around to deal damage and teammates actually having atleast 2 brain cells about ff, I just kinda faceplant dead.

I do have a theory that it may have to do with how you take damage, I think sometimes you’ll still take like 1 green hp damage through grey hp and then using your prefered temp hp talent you extend your bleed out until finally all your grey hp times out. Just a theory, but I’ve only ever had this issue if I’ve taken any damage after I revived.

Its only certain abilities. Mercenary and WHC active applies the 1 damage to allies in the radius, and bardin ranger active to himself.

For real ? didn’t knew that ! :smiley: Thanks for clarify

Bardin berserk were dealing damage to allies too.

Actives should not have FF… they should be a “panic button”.

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Well, Unchained Sienna’s career skill would be an awesome panic button if it didn’t hurt her party so much.
I basically only use it to instantly vent when no one is around.

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I’m guessing FS just plugged in the firebomb as the smokebomb model and they forgot that firebombs do a tiny amount of impact damage. So Bardin smashing it at his feet is hitting himself with the firebomb impact is my best guess.

You can even ignite barrels with Victors and Krubers shouts.


Fus Ro Dah!
It was strange to see that happen. The first time I played Mercenary I was standing in the Test Dummy area and hit accidently F. Suddenly a lantern flew right through my screen and landed somewhere on the floor in front of me.

That’s the moment I realized the skill does AoE damage and while it may be 1 or 0.1 or 0.0001 for the code it means there’s damage and we know the game may have here or there a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Super handy when you are trying to get 1st grim on hunger in the dark!

Also, abilities will reset couldown of passives such as gromril armour and tranquility. Not to mention it triggers immersion-breaking voice lines (I’m not shooting you, sily, I’m giving you extra HP with my battlecry!). This issue should be adressed. It may look like a small one, but it is consistently annoing, and may actually cost you the game in few cases.

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