Accidental purchase of the 'Trooper Ston "Blind Man" Makkar' bundle

Issue Description:
Accidentally purchased the entire bundle just moments ago; the items are individually priced, so I just tried to purchase the bandana for ~400 aquilas, but it bought the whole bundle instead. I realize in the FAQ, “We understand it’s too easy to make accidental purchases, so we’re looking at what we can do to avoid this happening.” is posted, but I figure it can’t hurt to try anyway. Upon further experimentation, it seems you have to click the inspect button on an item in order to purchase it individually, I thought I just had to have it selected.

It’d be great if the purchase could be somehow reversed, I know that’s unlikely to happen. But I still have to try, and like the FAQ states, it is indeed too easy to accidentally purchase the wrong thing.

Could you reach out to us at, please? :slight_smile: