Accessibility Captions: A QoL Mod for the Hearing Impaired

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Hi all!

Today I’m really excited to share the mod Accessibility Captions, created by Zaphio!

Accessibility Captions is a QoL mod that aims to bring a better in-game experience for those with hearing loss and/or impairment in a clean and intuitive interface.

Here is a clip of the mod in-use (with selected specials enabled for accessibility per player choice)!

This mod is currently not sanctioned and is available in the modded realm only, at present.

How This Mod Works:

This mod displays captions on-screen with directional notation for the following sounds:

  • Backstabs
  • Specials
  • Patrols
  • Boss cues
  • Other misc. sounds

The player can set the distance at which the accessibility captions appear based on their hearing loss (max: 50), and can move the captions around on their interface based on personal preference (by hitting enter and clicking and dragging the white box).

These captions are displayed for sounds that play in-game only (so will not play if the sound does not play).

Directional Indicators

Each caption has two directional indicators: red and green.

  • In front: Both red and green indicators show
  • Behind: No colored indicators show
  • Right: Green indicator shows
  • Left: Red indicator shows

Indicators change opacity based on distance, becoming more opaque the closer the sound is to the player.

Setting It Up:

All sounds are disabled by default. You need to enable sounds from the mod options menu.

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Nayre , Ganjii, and Incandescent for the play testing and feedback during this mod’s development.


Just for people with a hearing impairment alone this mod should be sanctioned ASAP. Playing Vermintide without proper audio cues can be really hard, can’t imagine how it must be to always have to play without those.

My hearing is completely fine, but I’d be happy to have this mod as well, by the way. Sometimes there are just situations where you can’t afford to make noise, but you need to be able to hear stuff properly as well (so headphones aren’t an option). For example: kid is sleeping. This mod should be really useful for those situations as well.


I would probably use this mod. I’m not hearing impaired in anyway but sometimes I want to listen to music while I hack n’ slash. It would be a convenience for those of us who don’t have hearing issues if it were sanctioned.

I’ve also recently made a hearing impaired friend through this game. This mod would absolutely be beneficial for her. She loves the game but this game is so audio dependent it’s tough for her.


this mod would likely never be sanctioned because a few elites would fight harshly against it since it could probably “give an advantage” to those who use it.

this is why we will never get the second bot mod sanctioned too

I play with some of those vocal “elites”. They’ve been fine with me using it. :man_shrugging:

then you havent played with “those” elites

I try not to. :slight_smile:

That said, I still have faith in FS that they’ll get to faster sanctioning at some point. Whether this one or the bot mod you want.

i would like certain community figures trusted by fatshark that have a bit of lua knowlegde too to do the mod sanctioning, or review the applied mods and send the ones who are within the rules to fatshark. that way we wouldnt need to wonder if mods would get sanctioned and fatshark would need to use time on it either. a win win for all

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